10 secs is the maximum ad duration preferred by viewers online- Chrome Data

Smartphones and other digital devices have started a new trend of television/video consumption in India by transforming it into a personal media device. Facilitated by on-the-go accessibility and greater control over their viewing experience, digital-savvy audiences in the country are increasingly inclining towards online content platforms over the traditional appointment-based viewing of the cable TV format. With the greater control over the viewing with viewers, advertisers have grown more cautious with the ad spend in the online spend. While technology has liberated consumers from the shackles of advertisements to a limited extent, advertisers are leaving no stone unturned to ensure ROI on the budget spent on advertisements. Ads have always been an irritant and if given a choice viewers would like to avoid them at best. However if placed rightly with an appropriate duration, it can result in reaching a larger set of online audience. Duration and content of an ad does have its impact on the online viewing behaviour of the viewers. 

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Chrome’s latest study seeks to analyse how does the ads effect the viewing habits. The study is conducted among a sample size of 989 respondents in 6 metropolitan cities, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkatta. The survey was conducted with the working professionals largely settled in metropolitan cities of India. Executed by the skilled interviewers of the Chrome Data, the data is collected through interviewing correspondents using structured questionnaire.

Given below are few keys findings of the survey for your reference. Let me know if the same can be incorporated in your news section. Please do write back for any further queries on the same.

  • A large portion of the respondents that is 30% spend 30-60 minutes watching online content in a day
  • U tube is the most preferred online channel to watch online content followed by Instagram
  • 42% of the respondents say they don’t switch over if the skippble ad appears during the video
  • However 42% say they don’t watch any of the ads completely if they encounter 10 skippable ads
  • Also, 32% of the respondents say they would definitely switch over to other videos if the ads are unskippable
  • 57% watches none of the ads completely if they encounter 10 unskippable ads during the video
  • 48% say that duration of an advertisement impact viewing behavior
  • 75% say they can watch a maximum of 10 seconds ad before starting a video

Detailed PPT for your reference.

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