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1947, the energy drink, unveils inspiring stories in their video series

1947, the healthier energy drink from Sipwise Beverages has tied up with kayakers Manish Rawat from Uttarakhand and Sweth Nisha from Bangalore, to host a video series on kayaking, showcasing the powerful feelings of freedom that the sport evokes in both kayakers. The video is an attempt to showcase what freedom means to two completely different individuals with different backgrounds, united by their love for kayaking as a means of expression.

The video depicts how these two diverse kayakers have committed to kayaking and are diligently pursuing their passion. Manish Rawat is a potential future world champion in Kayaking hailing from the hills of Uttarakhand. This 18-year-old with diminutive looks, took to kayaking as a form of rebellion and to test the rapids in the Ganga Rivers. Over the years, he has managed to break free from his fear and find his calling in professional kayaking and aims to become a world champion. Sweth Nisha is from the urban flatlands of Bangalore, a product designer on weekdays and a free spirit on weekends. Through kayaking and negotiating the rapids, she aims to overcome her own as well as society's barriers about freedom.

Commenting on the video, Harish Mohan, Founder of Sipwise said: ‘’How often do we get to chase freedom? How many of us are willing to unleash the wild adventurous side that keeps knocking the doors of our conscience? People tend to cheat adrenaline with lethargy. As a brand 1947 is committed to empowering our consumers to get rid of their inhibitions and fears. We hope in some small way this video inspires viewers to go out there and conquer their personal milestones. It is only fitting that as a brand we align ourselves with kayakers as we embody the importance of freedom.’’

1947 was formed with the idea to create a healthier energy drink. It uses the optimum amount of caffeine and uses a natural sweetener called inulin which is a great probiotic and improves gut health. Sipwise Beverages is one of the three companies in the world to offer inulin in a beverage format.


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