26% advertisers targeted Casual & Hyper-Casual Games in H1 2022: Ashish Shinde

At a CAGR of nearly 30 per cent, industry reports suggest that this market is likely to be worth $7 billion by financial year 2026, according to Statista. Adgully’s premier property, GAMEXX, has been putting the spotlight on this high growth industry. The second edition of GAMEXX Summit & Awards 2022 was held yesterday (September 21) in Gurugram and saw the presence of the who’s who of the gaming industry in India.

Delivering the opening keynote address, Ashish Shinde, Sales & VP, Gaming and App, Social Peta, shared some ‘Insights into Global Mobile Game Marketing’.

Shinde started off by briefly introducing Social Peta, an ad intelligence platform that was set up in 2015. He said that in the span of seven years of its experience, the company has grown exponentially and today has a global presence across 21 countries.

Shinde moved on to present some interesting insights from Social Peta’s annual report on advertising and marketing, specifically highlighting how the gaming industry has fared globally in the first half of 2022. He mentioned about the exponential growth that gaming has seen in the Asian countries – about 45% in mainland China and South East Asia, which includes the India market.

On the other hand, the European market showed a slight decline in gaming YoY. “But overall it was a great H1 for global gaming,” Shinde emphasised.

Speaking about the effect of the pandemic period, he noted that there were a lot of changes in the marketing tactics and added that a 27% decline was seen globally in ad creatives, which affected the overall growth of the gaming industry. However, this industry is catching up in the post-pandemic period and the second half of 2022 is going really great, Shinde said.

He pointed out that there was a slight increase in the T23 markets, spurred by greater accessibility to advanced devices and the availability of 4G and 5G networks. “A lot of people who were not able to afford PCs and other such devices are now using mobile to play games,” he added.

Talking about the percentage of advertisers by game genres, Shinde noted that a huge growth was seen in the number of advertisers in Casual Games. “26% of the advertisers were seen specifically targeting the Casual Games and Hyper-Casual Games genres, and both games are overall very lower category,” he informed.

“In the percentage of creatives by game genre, too, Casual was the most popular game genre among the gaming community and hence there were a lot of creatives there, followed by Adventure games,” Shinde added. A lot of people in their 40s and 50s like to play Casual games, especially after office hours.

Continuing further, Shinde pointed out that the gaming community is all about video creatives. “About 86% of the ad creatives in H1 2022 were specifically video ads. It basically shows you what the game play is all about, you understand it and if you like it, you install it. However, the image ads were not as successful in comparison,” he added.

These are edited excerpts. For the complete keynote address, watch below:



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