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3 things Yashaswini and Ayush want you to know from Bumble’s series

A breakup can often be tough for many and often invite unwanted thoughts and negativity into one’s life as one tries to cope with it. What can one do to make it a little easier on themselves?

In the new episode of Dating These Days by Bumble India,  popular actors Yashaswini Dayama and Ayush Mehra discuss what they’ve learned about themselves and about dealing with breakups throughout the years. Here’s what they have to share:

Nobody’s perfect

Words like red flag and toxic can really get to us sometimes and more often than not, we end up blaming ourselves for the breakup. While you may have something that you may not necessarily like about yourself, but that does not make you a bad person. It is important for you to remember that nobody is perfect and you are what makes you unique. So focus on always trying to understand and evolve yourself as you give yourself the time, love, and respect you deserve. 

You can’t put a timeline someone’s coping mechanism

A lot of people often feel judged for moving on too quickly or even taking too long to move on. Amongst all the things that people say and your own fears, take the time to realise that everyone handles things differently. Some may move on in a few days and some may take months, but that does not change the amount of love and value you had for that relationship.

Only after you’ve coped well with the situation and you think you’ve healed a little, should you indulge in the other person’s social media

A lot of us have found ourselves in situations where we spend hours going through our ex's social media accounts after a breakup. We tell ourselves that we would do this just one last time before we end up in a constant loop keeping up with every update. But things like that could be quite unhealthy as they may bring back emotions and feelings that you’re not ready to deal with. Instead, give yourself the time you need to heal. Times like these are when you need yourself the most and the love and focus you give yourself to grow will help you to be at peace with not only yourself but also with the breakup.


You can tune into this episode from Dating These Days 2.0 on Bumble’s YouTube Channel today!


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