4 in 10 Indians (43%) claim to have shopped more online post pandemic: Ipsos survey

The pandemic was disruptive due to the lockdowns, precautions, and the general scare – and all this led to perforce behavioral change in how we shopped.

Ipsos global survey christened ‘Shopping During the Pandemic’ shows distinct changes in shopping behavior: at least 1 in 2 (49%) urban Indians said they ate out less in local and small restaurants (indoors or outdoors) after the COVID19 outbreak. 6 in 10 global citizens (63%) claimed to have stopped eating out at small and local restaurants. In some markets it was more alarming of those who stopped patronizing small and local restaurants for in-person dining experience – esp. in Chile (83%), Peru (82%), Mexico (82%) and Argentina (81%).

“For urban Indians it was a mix of multitude of factors – the lockdown led to closure of most restaurants and when they reopened with all SOPs prescribed, people were still stricken with apprehension about hygiene and contact. Of course, now we see restaurants operating with social distancing and precautions and people have generally started to step out to eat out,” said Amit Adarkar, CEO, Ipsos India.

In fact, Ordering-in too decreased by 41% for urban Indians. 

Online Shopping

4 in 10 Indians (43%) claim to have shopped more online (than before), during the pandemic. 43% global citizens too shopped online, more than before, during the pandemic. Interestingly, the top markets that saw highest surge in Online Shopping were those of Chile (59%), Great Britain (55%), South Korea (54%) and Turkey (54%).

‘Behavioral change seen for online shopping among Indians, during the pandemic was more a manifestation of safety, convenience and mood elevation; and of course, the altered macro forces of lockdown and constrained reopening,” added Adarkar.

Buying from farmers and local manufacturers

The survey shows buying habits to be quite stable, though more for global citizens with 61% claiming to have bought from farmers and small manufacturers; almost half of urban Indians polled (45%) said they were patronizing farmers and small manufacturers. Japan (84%) and Sweden (77%) emerged at the top in displaying this behavior. 

‘Being Vocal for Local became more heightened during the pandemic, especially to support the tiny businesses which were reeling under the severe impact of the pandemic,” said Adarkar.

42% Indians claimed to have continued with the habit of visiting in-person local markets and kirana shops during the pandemic. 54% global citizens too showed a similar trend.

“For essentials, grocery and of course some outing. After all, the lockdown was a new phenomenon for all and it was hard for everyone to be locked-in within the four walls of their homes,” reasoned Adarkar.


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