5 Incredibly Funny Bingo Sites Adverts To Watch

Bingo has long been a popular hobby among enthusiasts, even as far back as the 1960s, and as a result, participation has increased considerably since.

While bingo halls were the main place for people to play this game initially and still do draw in customers, online bingo has since eclipsed them. There are now many different bingo sites to choose from, each of which differs in a number of ways.

Because there are so many, there are some that have their own creative advertising campaigns, designed to capture potential customer’s attention. As a result of this, some have taken more of a bold approach and worked humour into their adverts. Let’s take a look at five of the funniest bingo adverts over the years.

Jackpot Joy

A particularly clever bingo advert, this from Jackpot Joy featured brand ambassador and famous soap actress Barbara Windsor who by her own admission, is somewhat of a novice baker. However, this advert sees her baking a cake, when her doorbell rings and she’s greeted by the ‘fox’ (a man dressed as a fox), from rival firm Foxy Bingo, who starts dancing around. Her response is to promptly shove the cake in his face.

Jackpot Joy is one of the most popular bingo companies with a wide range of bingo games - it even has slingo offerings, with slingo sites also becoming attractive for players in recent years.


Never too far from controversy and operating in the grey, PaddyPower’s ‘Husband Removal Team’ bingo advert was greeted with hilarity when it was first released. It features a woman who just wants to play a game of bingo without her husband being in the way. As a result, the ‘husband removal team’ moves in, gags him and ties him up before he is pulled through the window into a back of a van where there are several other bingo ‘husbands’.

Costa Bingo

Online bingo company Costa Bingo produced quite a creative advert starring former Spice Girl, Mel B. This features her as a giant walking around London, leaving people staring in disbelief. Throughout, you will recognise a number of different landmarks in the English capital. Mel B being a giant is supposed to mirror the size of the jackpots on offer at Costa Bingo.

Foxy Bingo

If anything, you could say that this was for unsubtle brand exposure though there is no doubt that it certainly had an impact. This advert features a man turning up at various different supermarkets and doing an assortment of dances which if anything definitely got a significant amount of attention.

Bet365 Bingo

An advert by leading bookmaker firm, Bet365’s bingo division, this features several people just going about their day, but with big bingo balls where their heads should be. Perhaps the highlight of this comical advert is someone going into a photo booth and the printouts showing five photos of the person with a bingo ball for a head.


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