5 Reasons to Make you go WHOA with Zee Cafe's Dance with Me

We’ve got the jazz, pizazz and the razzmatazz all on a single stage! A platform for never-before-seen performances that are sure to blow your mind along with the ultimate dance maestros come to your television screens starting this Sunday! It’s time to put on your dancing shoes and prepare to be amazed kyuki ‘Yahan Har Dance Ka Level Hoga WHOA!’ Returning in yet another smashing season, Zee Café’s Dance With Me Season 2 promises to be a destination full of wonder and WHOA! Look out for breath-taking performances, a unique challenge with every episode and exciting new themes for the first time on Indian television. Sit back and enjoy with the ultimate dance divas and sibling duo Shakti & Mukti Mohan as they make your weekend count!

Bringing you piping hot WHOA! moments directly from the sets, here’s everything from Season 2 that you MUST watch out for!

10 Episodes. 10 Unique Themes. Say WHOA!

Anybody can dance but can anybody dance with a unique twist? It’s going to be a Sunday full of surprises on Dance With Me Season 2 with a new them each week that is sure to make dance the shimmy! For starters, we’ve got Bachpan ke Bachan that will take you back to your childhood with the mixture of Electro contemporary, house, popping and sweet childhood memories. Coming to some of the dancing legends one can’t miss the man with the ultimate moves – Govinda! Presenting a ‘Legendary Tribute’ ‘Kisi Disco Mai Jaye’ by none other than Govinda’s own cousin is just the moment you’ve been waiting for. We’ll wait for the time, we have to say, we told you so!

1 Stage - 50 Unique Performances

From a 10-year-old to 50, from Bharatanatyam to Jazz and from Hoola Hoops to hats, Dance With Me 2 is a complete power package. It’s time to block calendars and spend we-time with your friends and family because here’s a show guarantees back-to-back mazedaar performance. 50 unique acts from talents across the county bring you a show unlike any other. With 5 new amazing performances every week, yet there is only one winner. WHOA, right?

Shakti Aur Mukti Ki Zabardast Jugalbandi

Who doesn’t know the famous Mohan sisters! We’re pretty sure, you’ve wondered who’s the naughtier sibling of the two hosts? Who bullies whom? Well, we’ve got your answers. Masti, Maza and dher saara mazak leke the new season of Dance With Me brings the mazedaar chemistry of the dynamic siblings Shakti and Mukti.

You’ve seen them be their fun crazy selves on social media but now catch their comical quips in action every Sunday, nights at 8 on Zee Café.  While jokes and humour are non-stop, they also play the role model to many of the participants on the show. With the sisters giving it their all in their banters, Dance with me gives us an interesting insight about the lives of the charming Shakti and Mukti.

Dance With The Experts

Do you too envy those flawless dancing reels on Instagram? Have you always wanted to pick up a step or two that’s your fallback at a party? Dance With Me Season 2 comes to your rescue and how! Shakti & Mukti Mohan teach you a new hook step every episode. Follow the easy step by step guide by the dance experts, record yourself performing the hookstep and upload it on Instagram Reels using the hashtags #DanceLevelWHOA and #Dancewithme. The best entries get  a chance to be featured in the upcoming episode.  Didn’t think this would happen in your wildest dreams, did you? Sure not. Bringing out the talent in you and channelling your passion, this is your Golden chance coming true. Calling out first timers and professionals alike, this is your time to shine. Your chance to learn from some of the biggest celebrity choreographers! Just Dance with me.

Aye Mohan, answer!

Aye Mohan, answer! Yes, we mean it. Don’t you want to know what goes around in the lives of our favourite stars?  Dance With Me 2 gives you that opportunity to know it all from the celebrity duo as Shakti & Mukti Mohan answer fan questions sent to them on social media. We’ve picked all the silly, witty and funny questions from our fans to go all out. It can’t get any better than this, we assure you! We give you all the answers you seek with this special segment of ‘Aye Mohan, Answer!’ on Dance With Me S2 Sundays at 8PM.

Feel amazed every week with WHOA-some performances and unique acts on Zee Café’s original Dance With Me S2


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