5 tips to empower female entrepreneurs in digital marketing

Authored by Nitisha Agarwal, COO, DigiDarts.

Female entrepreneurship has gathered in recent times, and the number is expected to grow rapidly. Today, we can see working women in every field, be it sports, law or digital marketing. And they are prominently leading their way to the top. As per the GEM, there is a rapid 30% rise in the number of working females across industries. As I see it, female leaders have marked their presence not just through their work but by determination and solid ability to build a future for themselves and the people around them. 

Oprah Winfrey once said, “Follow your passion – and if you don’t know what it is, realise that one reason for your existence on earth is to find it.” And I completely align with this thought, as everyone, including females, should be aware of what they want to become as an individual and a professional. As a young adult, I was always taught to be an independent decision-maker, and it has vehemently reflected upon my professional personality.

I am a marketer by profession, and the following are my top 5 tips to empower female entrepreneurs in Digital Marketing:

Personal Branding 

Personal Branding is a crucial point, especially when we talk about female entrepreneurs in the digital world! Digital media offers a platform to speak and share views and knowledge on industry-relevant scenarios. Personal Branding helps build a network, a profile and offer a better understanding of the individual professional in the eyes of her work circle. It does not just encircle talking about industry-relevant topics, but holds more to it. It conveys that an individual has the required knowledge, experience and understanding of what is supposed to be expressed. 

360-degree Digital Awareness 

Comprehensive Digital Awareness is an essential parameter in analysing your growth. In this fast-changing digital industry, where every hour there is an update, all the professionals, including females, need to work on a newer set of skills. To learn about the 360-degree dynamics of the digital world, one can seek knowledge via varied online platforms. Such advanced knowledge helps you stay put, polish your skills, understand the complexities and refine the work you deliver. 

Integrate Your Learnings! 

When you align your goals with the organisational objectives, you work with a strategy to actualise growth possibilities. And that adds up to your comprehensive professional development. The digital world is an ever-evolving industry! When you take required initiatives, you learn, grow, and as a professional, you witness significant changes in your outlook towards work that contributes to business development. Build a better understanding of advanced tech through productive research and training platforms while integrating industry learnings with your work. It will contribute to your task agility and help you to think innovatively.

  • More for your collaborative growth: Take initiatives, it doesn’t always have to be grand, but even a small initiative is worth counting. Help your colleagues, suggest task/ project facilitating software, arrange training sessions, talk to your colleagues in sorting their issues and more.

Feed Knowledge To Your Curious Mind

A step is all it takes to make a difference! One of the most effective tips for female entrepreneurs in the digital industry is to raise queries and questions to get the required answers. Raising questions does not mean you lack knowledge, it means you aim to seek more answers to grow personally as well as professionally. When you look to seek knowledge, the sky is your limit. You can get answers from varied informative platforms that will directly contribute to your deep conceptual understanding as a growing digital professional.

You Can Never Go Wrong with Networking 

Networking is as crucial as building your brand. When you network, you connect and unravel an ocean of new opportunities. By networking, you enable building a larger business, you collaborate to add more value to your offerings, and you get a chance to showcase the variety you have to offer. Networking doesn’t conventionally have to take place on a designated event, you can connect with people via digital platforms or offline conferences. To facilitate growth for your business via networking, keep certain things in mind, opt for suitable platforms to enable optimum response, understand how networking complements your business, how are you going to leverage it, and most importantly, how word-of-mouth will contribute more to your business. 

The Concluding Thought

Well, Women Empowerment does not conventionally have to be about uplifting women at work, rather, it can be more about encouraging them with better opportunities and maintaining gender parity. Even empowering self as a female professional in the digital realm can be a great way to motivate female colleagues to bring out the best in them. Digital Marketing is extremely vast, and keeping yourself updated with the timely advancements while educating others, can be one way of enabling a series of confident and aware female leaders. 


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