5 Ways ‘Chutzpah’ Will Change The Way You Interact Online!

SonyLIV and Maddock Outsider’s latest web show ‘Chutzpah’ is being hugely appreciated for its unique and never-heard-before concept of the ‘internet world’ and its influence on youth in today’s time. While the show’s narrative focuses on interesting characters and their respective journey through the medium of internet, it also leaves a lasting impression on the viewers and their approach towards the way they interact online.

The show also talks about the duality that exists in the real and social world. One may have a different approach or thought process towards people in person but they project a completely different world to others on social media. The show highlights the good and bad of the web world and anonymity it provides, with people getting to know their type and finding empathy at the same time, also absolving them some sense of responsibility. The show brings to fore what today’s generation lives every waking moment of life with the internet! We suggest you 5 ways in which Chutzpah will change the way you interact online:

Virtual or Real?
‘Chutzpah’ addresses an important and relevant question to its viewers and their individual choice to depend on a virtual or real world. Since the show talks about long-distance relationships and dating apps, viewers, especially those seeking love can take a cue from the characters and their respective love stories and matters related to the heart.

Online Friendship - Safe?
Sometimes the one you befriend online can be a different person altogether. Through the characters depicted in the show, the makers have sort of created a ‘caution’ for all those who easily gets trapped and becomes a victim of the digital world. Like the popular phrase, ‘there is more than meets the eye’, online friendship may or may not prove to be real. So, beware before taking the next step!

Expect the unexpected!
Social media has become an integral part of our lives and it can be full of surprises! Case in point is Manjot Singh’s character Rishi who gets fooled by the woman during a virtual meeting, as he calls the police for her help. While social media apps were initially meant to be another way of communication, it has also started gaining new grounds considering the business part associated with it.

Internet humour
Comical situations can arise out of anywhere! No, we are not just referring to memes and funny videos that you get to see on the internet. There’s much more. Your daily conversations with your loved ones on internet can also create humour. For example, Varun Sharma’s online conversation with his family and girlfriend in ‘Chutzpah’ seem funny and relatable. Similarly, the viewers would be able to resonate with the other interesting characters of the show as well including Manjot Singh’s funny encounter with a cam girl, or Kshitij Chauhan’s tips on relationships.

Keeping up with the times!
The world is changing and so is the internet along with social media. The viewers, especially youth, will get to see and experience a new kind of ‘internet’ lingo and mannerisms through the entertaining world of ‘Chutzpah’.

Produced by Dinesh Vijan, created by Mrighdeep, written by Amit Babbar and Mrighdeep, ‘Chutzpah’ is directed by Simarpreet Singh. An out-and-out entertainer, ‘Chutzpah’ is streaming on SonyLIV.


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