5 ways in which AI has reshaped digital marketing

Prasad Shejale, Founder & CEO, Logicserve Digital, writes about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed our lives, as consumers, as well as reshaped the entire digital marketing landscape.

Technology has been helping us profoundly in various aspects of our work as well as personal life. Some of the newer technological advances play a crucial role in not only assisting us in our growth, but also to create a larger impact on the overall ecosystem.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most interesting advanced technologies that has been helping us shape up and improvise the way we work.

Here are a few ways in which AI has transformed our lives, as consumers, as well as reshaped the entire digital marketing landscape.

  1. Voice searches

We have come far ahead of the times when we have to type in everything and look for details or information we want. It’s definitely the age of voice search now, and many people are using it actively, considering its ease, convenience and the lesser amount of efforts we need to make to find something.

  1. Chatbots are now a necessity

These days people are used to having chatbots assist them with features, information, help, etc. It is no longer a unique feature for users. In fact, they expect you to offer chatbot assistance as equally as they want you to showcase all details, products, payment options, etc.

  1. Predictive Customer Behaviour

When it comes to deciding between a universal marketing strategy Vs user-specific or personalised strategy with the understanding of how a particular user behaves, what are their preferences, etc., we will surely agree with the latter being the most productive one, right? Well, it’s not new now that we analyse customer data, design personalised offerings and suggestions, or target them with relatable options. Predicting customer behaviour and then devising strategies suiting that behaviour is a common practice these days. Let me give you some examples of how we are used to this feature. Netflix’s recommendations on what we should watch next, shopping websites offering ‘People also bought’ or ‘Things basis your browsing history’, YouTube’s suggested videos or channels. These are all apt and we definitely find them perfect, isn’t it?

  1. Create Better Customer Experiences

As things and platforms progress, the functioning and algorithms get even more sophisticated. Despite all of this, marketers need to offer a delightful experience to their customers. They need to provide personalisation as well as highly relevant offerings to succeed in the market. Well, AI is capable of helping us do all of this no matter how much ever complicated the algorithms are and no matter how much data we need to analyse, segregate and understand.

  1. Automate Marketing Processes and social media listening

We live in an era now where most of the things are automated. It is also beneficial to automate a lot of repetitive and mundane tasks, and have the marketers utilise their skills to focus on larger things. It’s also become easier to have systems in place than can manage efficient social media listening to help us design the most effective tactics with the understanding of what our customers want.

All the above things are made possible by AI and it surely is helping us become more efficient and effective with our marketing plans. That’s not all, AI is also slowly and gradually changing the way customers behave, what they want, how they want and urging us to keep on improvising their journey. There are definitely many more ways we consciously or subconsciously use AI for a lot of our day-to-day activities. With every passing day, we see newer avenues for expansion and a transformed state of the digital marketing world. I am sure, this is still just the beginning. We will see many more innovations and multiple ways ahead in which we will see a further remodelling of digital marketing.



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