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5 Ways New Businesses Can Build a Core User Base

“User base” is a term used to define a group of specific software or application users. For instance, when a new mobile game is out, it gets a lot of downloads. Yet, from all those users, less than half are likely to remain in the game over time. The users who keep playing make the “user base” of this game. The same concept applies to business, where it’s also called “client base” or “customer base.”

In this article, you’ll learn about effective ways of creating a core user base for your business.

Learning by Example

Let’s stick to our new mobile game’s example. Developers can extract valuable information, monitoring its numbers of downloads and active users. What’s the age group and gender with most users? How many users remain active, and for how long? Those answers are crucial for future marketing campaigns.

New businesses can learn a lot from this example. It’s, above all, necessary to understand what your target audience is. Then you can get the word out for the people that will hear it. A successful marketing campaign has an almost immediate impact on newcomers. Users come and go, but it's the clients that stay that define your core user base.

1.   Incentivise the Customer

More so than, say, twenty years ago, customers are growing more and more attuned to the sheer scope of options they have available to them. This is largely a result of the centrality of the world wide web, which enables them to review far more options before settling on a product or service, and removes the (literal) legwork of wandering from store to store.

As a result, businesses have to consistently augment their efforts against the competition, with one of the most effective methods being promotional offers and bonuses.

One industry which is emblematic of this ongoing fight for visibility is the casino industry. It’s difficult to find a casino or sportsbook that doesn’t have some form of a promotion running at any given time Among the most popular offers to look for are free spins which are presented by countless operators. Websites such as the FreeSpinsTracker have thus become an important tool in navigating through the hundreds of offers in the market..

2.   Newsletters

Keeping faithful clients happy is much easier than finding new ones. A newsletter is an inexpensive way to maintain that invaluable line of contact, remind them of your brand’s value, and ensure that any and all relevant news is sent direct to their inbox.

An effective email marketing campaign requires only a relatively small investment of time and money – particularly if you are utilising a strong, dedicated software – but it can generate an invaluable return on your investment in terms of repeat business and ongoing customer engagement. This is, of course, exactly the sort of avenue you should be taking if you are looking to build a core user base.

3.   Show Them That You Care

Carry informal opinion polls to assess what your customers think about your product. Try and apply possible suggestions so your clients feel heard. Happy clients are likely to recommend your business to other people. It’s a sure way to expand your base.

4.   Keep it Fresh

Your clients won’t visit your website too much if they feel like the content is always the same. Try always to bring up something new and keep your page updated with related topics and so on, or you risk leaving it to grow stale and represent a wasted investment on your part.

5.   Be Social

If you’re serious about promoting your business, there’s no way to avoid social media. Marketing campaigns in social media networks can reach a jaw-dropping number of clients.


Expanding your core user base is crucial for your business growth. They’re your most faithful clients, those who push your business revenue forward. Marketing campaigns can be expensive and, worst of all, inefficient if ill-planned.

So, it’s not all about expensive marketing campaigns. There are lots of things to do before putting your business in the Super Bowl halftime. Take advantage of cheap and even free ways of improving your core user base.


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