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90 seconds-long Reels can be created by Instagram users

Since the start of the year, Instagram has been experimenting with the ability to create Reels that last up to 90 seconds. After Brazil, Germany, and France, India was the fourth country to have Reels, and the platform's duration has continuously increased from 15 seconds to 30, 60, and now 90 seconds.
Reels as a content type has done well in India, because of the format and platform's promotion, and the longer duration would allow more creative freedom. Consumption behaviour on Reels, on the other hand, is skewed toward shorter durations, and the longer format may work against this, causing customers to leave the Reel. To take advantage of the platform's rising engagement, the entertainment experience has been expanding its monetization and shopping options. The platform now allows users to see products with shoppable tags, which redirects them to the shopping page, where they may look up product information and finish their purchase. The feature combines shopping and Reels, two aspects that Instagram has been promoting with various updates, including two dedicated tabs for Reels and Shop (individually), which resulted in a shift in Instagram's UI.
Reels advertisements were also added to the platform, allowing users to discover new creators and businesses through Reels. Reels tab is a natural area for firms to advertise.


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