A Teacher's Day Weekend special With Zee English Entertainment Channels

Teachers are of all kinds. Some strictly mean business, some agitate to educate and some ruin our egos. Whatever kind is your favourite, let’s make them proud this Teachers Day. Teachers, mentors or guides – one profession yet known across by many names, they have but a single responsibility to shape young children for a better future. What would we do without them? This Sunday, 5th September, come join in the celebration of all the people who’ve given us a lesson in our lives with a special day long binge followed by the television premiere of American Comedy-Drama ‘The Last Shift’ at 1PM & 9PM on &flix and at 3PM & 11PM on &PriveHD. There’s not enough gratitude around to be truly grateful to the ones who have nurtured us our whole life. This month you can now enjoy and reminisce your back-to-school days memories with American Sitcom and Primetime Emmy Award winning show ‘Community’ weekdays at 7PM on Zee Café.

 Are you ready to catch your favourite teacher-student duo with the &flix and &PriveHD Teacher’s Day Special all day long binge watch and the Flix first premiere which will help you give the perfect gift to all your teachers. Are you ready for an epic week of learning? Hop on to the ride for stellar lessons. Mr. Han played by Oscar winner Jackie Chan in the Karate Kid is the beginning. A maintenance man who is also a martial-arts master. Mr. Han teaches Dre played by Jaden Smith all about kung fu in the hope that Dre will be able to face down Cheng and be prepared to life and come at him. After this to teach you another lesson, Will Smith is here with After Earth on the all day binge watch starting at 11 am. Exciting titles like Coco, Ammonite and Up are set to make this special for all the teachers.

The Last Shift talks about the lives of two guys who are stuck with each other! Neither can admit that anyone is worse off on a lower rung of the economic ladder. They find themselves working together at a slow fast-food drive-through in a town that’s slowly losing its charm. The elder of the two played by Richard Jenkins is a crumbling white guy who has been serving up low-nutrition burgers and fries for 38 years and is looking forward to his last shift. His trainee, a gifted young black man skillfully is a charmer whose intelligence can't save him from the consequences of the old man’s resentment. The bond between this teacher and mentor is going to leave you crying out, thinking about your younger childhood days and the relationship you had with your favorite teacher!

Further lending a hand and returning the favor for the years of having the patience and standing beside us through our best and worst, Zee Café airs popular College Comedy Drama show ‘Community’. Former lawyer played by Joel Mchale attends a community college when it is discovered that he faked his bachelor’s degree. He forms a Spanish study group with some other misfits who go on to form an unlikely but close community of friends. Watch this show and think back of those individuals who taught you how to deal with life’s biggest problems.

The biggest lessons in life, challenging our nerves and making our life musical again. Now let’s applaud the teachers behind these lessons this Teacher’s Day with the Zee English Cluster



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