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A thought leader can be just an experience in today’s world: Ajay Kakar

Thought Leaders are looked up for their expertise, to guide businesses to successfully take on challenges and tackle them, charter a sustainable growth path, and to think innovatively. They also mentor aspiring business leaders by being a trustworthy and authoritative voice. In a world massively disrupted by the global pandemic, never before has there been a dire need for thought leaders than the COVID-19 times. Thought leaders are whom the industry is looking up to, to provide some direction in charting out the road ahead.

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Coming as a timely beacon in these challenging times is Adgully’s latest endeavour – THOUGHT LEADERSHIP SERIES – which is designed to engage with some of the best leaders from the industry in the business of Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations.

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Held on Saturday, July 17, 2021, the second edition of the Thought Leadership Series saw Ajay Kakar, Chief Marketing Officer, Aditya Birla Capital, and a prolific speaker at several industry forums, in a scintillating conversation with host R. Sridhar, where he highlighted the strategic direction and marketing skills required to become a thought leader. The warm camaraderie between the two industry leaders was evident throughout the conversation as the back and forth banter between the two kept the audience engaged.

On being asked by R. Sridhar as to who is actually a thought leader and what differentiates him/her from others, Ajay Kakar replied, “Thought leader is an idea, a concept, a belief, a conviction and everyone may have their own definition to it. According to me, I first ask myself the difference between who is a leader and who is a thought leader?  The analogy I believe in is that a leader is a person who leads a very diverse flock and takes them to the promised land. A thought leader is a person who helps in identifying or the one who defines the promised land, and why that is the destination for the folks. A thought leader defines the white place, creates relevance and then creates a sense of belonging. It could be a person, a brand, a category or in today’s world it can just be an experience. Many thought leaders are also unsung heroes, who may not be celebrated but their thoughts, actions and deeds are more often remembered.”

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