AAAI prowess ‘Beyond Logo’ workshop with Lulu Raghavan

Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI) under the aegis of the AAAI Prowess initiative today announced a Half-day workshop ‘‘Beyond Logo– How Brands Add Value to Business’’ led by Lulu Raghavan scheduled for 19th October 2016 in Mumbai. Many brand owners think of their brands as logos or labels. Their discussions on branding revolve around colors, fonts, layouts, designs, sizes, and locations of the logo on various touchpoints. Seen through this traditional and limited lens, branding is equated with producing advertisements to build equity in the brand.

While logos and labels are one aspect of what a brand is, this view is extremely narrow. This approach to brand management severely limits the potential of the brand when it is being financially evaluated as an asset that is adding value to the business.

To realize the full potential of one’s brand, one must be able to conceptualize it as a strategic platform that drives business and then relentlessly deliver this brand promise for customers and employees alike.

This interactive workshop will help participants understand the true value of brands beyond logos, colours and communications. It will equip participants with ready to deploy tools that they can use to add significant value to their clients’ businesses.

Lulu Raghavan is the Managing Director of Landor Mumbai and has been at Landor for the past 15 years. She has worked at Landor’s San Francisco, New York and London offices before establishing the Mumbai office and has vast experience in different international markets. Lulu is a renowned industry commentator and thought leader. A firm believer of achieving business success through creative solutions and she uses design thinking for problem-solving. She anchored Bloomberg UTV’s Beyond Logo show and is a sought-after speaker and moderator at brand-focused conferences.


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