Aashqeen’s latest video on honour killing is trending at #1 on YouTube

In a country divided by communities and religion, art and comedy is bringing people together by spreading the message of love. Aashqeen, one of the leading YouTube creators is using its form of comedy sketch art to send out messages of love and harmony between Hindus and Muslims.

Founded by Aashqeen (aged 25), this YouTube group have beenentertaining an audience of 6 Million people on YouTube (2 Million) and Facebook (4 Million). Known for their witty climax in the videos, characterizations and RomComs, Aashqeen is the only Indian Comedy Creator with 100 Million views on 2 Facebook videos.This time Aashqeen has come up with a heart-touching video which is currently trending on YouTube on number 1 and has received overwhelming response from audience.

The video starts with a Hindu girl and a Muslim boy in love getting criticism from their friends for this kind of inter-religion relationship as  they has assumed already that there is no future. The video shows funny situations of both adjusting with each other being from two different religions. This funny video ends on a sad note of honour killing spreading the message of love. In less than 48 hours the video witnessed more than 20 Lakh views. “We were really skeptical on the response of this video as it could have attracted more hatred than appreciation but we are so happy that people have loved our work and the type of content that we are serving being a YouTube channel meant for funny videos” said Barkha, actor and the Brand Head.

Aashqeen being a Muslim has tried his hands on other topics too between Hindu-Muslim love in past with his funny videos giving out serious messages of harmony and has received really good response. His videos ‘Story of every Indian Muslim’, ‘Ramzans in India’ and ‘Women power’ featuring RJ Naved have been appreciated a lot. Aashqeen, actor and Owner says “a lot of people are appreciating the video but I’m getting a lot of criticism and threats but that will be always there. I don’t get upset with that. My work is to make more such videos to spread the awareness and your work is to share it so that we actually see change in the society someday. Our aim is to change mindsets and we use comedy as an art form to do that.”



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