Abbott launches campaign to address today's hyperacidity woes

New market research1 shows that lifestyle-related hyperacidity is a growing concern for consumers. In fact, 61 per cent of the population in urban India suffers from hyperacidity at some point in time. Abbott’s Digene, one of the key antacid brands in the country, is a scientifically proven solution to hyperacidity for modern-day hectic lifestyles.

While hyperacidity has traditionally been associated by consumers with life-stage or body type, new market research2 shows that consumers believe hyperacidity is increasingly rooted in the lifestyle they lead. Due to the pressures of urban life, consumers report consumption of more culprit foods than ever, erratic eating habits and an increase in stress and tension. And data from one study3 found that nearly 70 per cent of acid reflux patients were aged below 50 years. This indicates that hyperacidity and related conditions are increasingly being driven by lifestyle factors and are thus more prevalent among younger populations.

Digene is uniquely suited to address this growing problem. The product has been available in India for nearly 90 years, and is the #1 prescribed antacid among doctors4. Moreover, its efficacy is rooted in science. Digene has what is called high acid neutralizing capacity (ANC)5, which means it is very effective at reducing the acid in a person’s stomach to give them relief.

Dr. Srirupa Das, Director, Medical Affairs at Abbott explains, “Digene provides fast and effective relief based on science, with active ingredients that relieve symptoms and protect the stomach lining. This translates into better relief – which means people can get back to living their life.”

Moreover, Digene is the only antacid in India that is available in three formats, liquid, powder and tablet. It is easy to consume both at home and on the go.

In order to meet the underlying need and reach a broader audience, Digene has launched a new campaign focusing on providing a scientific solution to lifestyle-related hyperacidity, with the versatile Tapsee Pannu who talks about the issues related to life-style related hyperacidity. She represents the challenges and problems faced by modern day consumers.

Commenting on the scientific approach presented to younger consumers, Ambati Venu, Managing Director, Abbott India Limited said, “Research indicates one of the leading causes of hyperacidity is hectic and erratic lifestyle, which is common among today’s urban consumers. Digene is an effective solution that is trusted by most doctors in India. Importantly, the product is backed by science through its high acid neutralizing capacity. As we further grow our consumer portfolio in the country, Abbott is committed to providing scientific solutions to help people get and stay healthy.”


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