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Absolut launches ‘Absolut Creative Commune’ campaign

Absolut unveils an inspiring new campaign – Absolut Creative Commune – with an aim to championan open and harmonious world and create positive change throughart. In a world where societies are fragmented, Absolut Creative Commune will act as a catalyst to generate a positive change,stimulate conversations, and engage with a wide audience in a creative, unexpected and meaningful manner. As a part of the campaign, the artists will shed light on values of gender equality, global unity, freedom of expression, sustainability and LGBTQIA+ community, in line with the ethos of Absolut.

These artists support the ideology of an open world with a commitment to create a wave of change and unify diverse identities through their art pieces, weaving the ethos and values of the brand as well as the ‘Born Colourless’ campaign. Through their creative expression, the artists will exhibit their iteration of an    Absolut world through culturally relevant beliefs - gender equality, global unity, freedom of expression, sustainability, andequal rights of the LGBTQIA+ community.

The artists who are the pillars of the campaign, have intricately woven their artworks with beliefs they strongly stand for, beliefs that Absolut as a brand celebrates. Khyati Trehan, a graphic designer by day and a 3D-visual artist by night, has created a virtual kinetic installation bringing forward the thought that we are all human despite our differences. Known by his on-stage pseudonym, with his digital art piece for Absolut Creative Commune, Tarqueeb who is a visual artist has expressed synergy between nature and the modern world, and how they can co-exist.A multi-disciplinary artist, Osheen Siva has created an animatedartwork celebrating solidarity amongst women from diverse spheres of life. Daku, who experiments with dimensions of time and space, has curated a time lapse of the shadow of a 3D sculpture made of typography that embraces freedom of expression and the complexity and diversity of the world we livein. A community of cis and transwomen spreading awareness through public art projects, Aravani Art Project’s wall mural for Absolut Creative Commune depicts a world which is more empathetic and open towards the LGBTQIA+ community.

Through this campaign and an open contest, Absolut willencourage aspiring artists to come together and share their interpretation of one of the 5 beliefs using the iconic Absolut silhouette. The budding artists will have the opportunity to collaborate with one of the artists of Absolut Creative Commune and to design an art piece. Creating a holistic experience, the initiative will include a powerful talk by artist Osheen Siva on ‘Achieving Fearlessness for Women through the Power of Art’. She will address the audience through Absolut’s Instagram handle on 27thJan’22 followed by a workshop by Aravani Art Projectaround ‘Art and Identity’ on the same platform on 5th Feb’22.

With Absolut Creative Commune, the brand envisions to spark a movement to ‘Create Better Together’ and stir purpose-led dialogues in the society.

Commenting on the launch of Absolut Creative Commune, Kartik Mohindra, Chief Marketing Officer, Pernod Ricard India, said, “Absolut has always been a front-runner in leading with purpose and creating a wave of positive change. With digitalplatforms acting like a connecting window today, Absolut Creative Commune harnesses the strength of virtual public space that allows for an immersive and accessible experience. The artistsalong with their artwork are the voice of Absolut CreativeCommune and together we will bring the ethos of the campaign tothe forefront, hence connecting with the youth who will be thecrusaders of change.

Commenting on the launch of Absolut Creative Commune, Khyati Trehan said, Working with the Absolut CreativeCommune challenged me to imagine a colourless world and turn itsmeaning on its head; from colourless meaning devoid of colour, to being inclusive of all while reminding us that we are more incommon. In that same vein, my abstract virtual kinetic installation deconstructs the Absolut bottle to celebrate our diverse layers, while pivoting around a common centre.”

Commenting on the launch of Absolut Creative Commune,Tarqeeb said, For Absolut Creative Commune, my intention was to get people to reflect on the meaning of sustainability t and how crucial it is for our society to give nature a chance to recuperate. I had a great time interpreting my topic in the current context of a post-pandemic world. This artwork is my take on how society will need to adapt and change to preserve our planet for generationsto come.”

Commenting on the launch of Absolut Creative Commune,Aravani Art Project said, “As an Art Collective working towardsTransgender and LGBTQIA+ community by creating consciousnessand well-being through art, awareness & social participation, wewere glad to collaborate with Absolut Creative Commune. We created an artwork based on one of the brand's values which was close to our own art practice celebrating queer friendship andreminding people that all expressions of love are equal and free.”

Commenting on the launch of Absolut Creative Commune, Osheen Siva said, “The collaboration with Absolut Creative Commune was inspired by the need for equal rights and representation. It reflects on the necessity of equality for all genders, for our society to be inclusive and progressive. I was happy to work on this project as it touches upon the causes that are close to my heart - such as solidarity, feminism, andtogetherness.”

 Commenting on the launch of Absolut Creative Commune, Daku said, My work for Absolut Creative Commune is an amalgamation of different scripts from all regions of India. It's beautiful to see how connected and intermingled these cultures are which celebrate ‘Freedom of Expression’. When the light falls on the sculpture, it creates shadows that overlap and separate to create forms, just like the people and their culture.”


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