Ad-blockers causing extensive losses to online marketers: Ashish Shah

Though a little slow on the uptake, programmatic buying has been gaining grounds in India as an efficient way to buy advertising inventory. Ashish Shah, Founder & CEO, Vertoz, writes about the challenges as well as the various positives of programmatic advertising for different stakeholders.

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The Challenges

Viewability has always been a thing to worry about in the online advertising world. Ad impression does not guarantee whether or not the ad will be looked at or have an impact on the viewer.

Privacy and transparency is another challenge that the industry faces. Customers want their data to be safe and the buying and selling to function with complete transparency. Buyers wish to know that their ads are being served to the right audiences, at the right time, in a brand-safe environment and are not being misused.

A growing number of brands are falling prey to ad fraud and that is a major issue for the advertisers. Many ad tech companies have partnered with fraud detection companies and are trying to tackle this problem, however the problem has already made many advertisers impatient and untrustworthy towards online advertising.

Probably the biggest issue that the industry is currently facing is ad blocking. With 198 million Internet users actively using ad block plugins, online marketers are facing loss at an extensive rate.

The Positives

For Advertisers / Brands:
Advertisers have a great opportunity of effectively targeting their audience in real time with the help of programmatic advertising. By blending trend targeting with demographics, the advertisers can reach their prospects with creative and relevant messages based on what the reader is viewing and sharing about a topic in real time. This approach helps a brand to achieve long-term success.

‘Targeting’ enables advertisers target audiences based on location, age group, gender, etc. It also helps advertisers to retarget their audience on other websites, thus helping advertisers keep a track of them and target them again and again.

It gives advertisers a choice of publishing their ads on websites relevant to their brand and business, which increases the chances of audience taking interest in the advertiser’s products/ services.

Online advertising is more cost effective than traditional channels and helps advertisers to save a lot of money.

For Publishers/ Content Owners:
For publishers, the advantage of working with multiple brands/ advertisers has always been a great thing. Programmatic advertising offers the right type of advertisers to publisher’s content and thus, it helps in increasing rank on the publisher’s content in search engines.

Publishers can choose relevant advertisers based on the type of content published on their website helping them to earn more. There is always an added advantage of earning more by keeping the consumers engaged on their website.

Sectors that prefer to go for programmatic advertising are FMCG, Automobiles, BFSI, Food, Real Estate, m-commerce and e-commerce.


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