Ad Land’s Young Guns: Deepak Pareek, Co-founder, Iceberg Creations

Deepak Pareek is working on his new venture called ‘Iceberg Creations’, where he forayed into Media Production and Filmmaking. Their first film, ‘Akorik’, is spearheaded by Bengali actress Rituparna Sengupta and actor Victor Banerjee. The vision with Iceberg Creations is to make gripping movies, both with a social message as well as the ones full of entertainment.

In conversation with Adgully, Deepak Pareek, Digital Content Creator, Entrepreneur and Co-founder of Iceberg Creations, speaks about his journey with his venture, icons he looks up to, productive things he does in a day, and more.

Tell us about your venture Iceberg Creations.

Iceberg Creations is a media production company focusing on multiple verticals. One, our focus is on making feature films, short films, documentaries, web series, etc., and we would like to focus on regional content in addition to focusing on mainstream Hindi and English content. Two, we work with start-ups, brands, and corporates for their ad shoots, corporate filming, and video production needs which help them scale their brand presence digitally through creative storytelling.

Where do you see yourself and your company in five years’ time?

Whenever people ask me this typical interview question, I only tell them that I don’t have 5-year plans. Instead, I focus on having 3-month and 6-month plans that help me plan realistically and strategically. Right now, our focus is on the release of our debut film, ‘Akorik’, which is set to happen over the course of the next couple of months. Personally speaking, my aim remains pretty simple – to keep adding value and creating content that helps people level up. That has always been the goal and still remains the goal.

What particular skill sets do you think you bring to the table to excel in your venture?

I think one of the core reasons why we started this company a year and a half ago was because I had spent considerable time in the content space as a creator, so I had a fair bit of understanding of how people consume content and what are some of the metrics that people should follow in order to create good content. Therefore, one of the core skills becomes understanding the industry itself and what can be done with brands to change their storytelling so that they get the required eyeballs for their products and services. Two, the art of networking – I have been doing this for quite some time now and I believe that it comes in very handy when you know what to tell a person when you meet them for the first time.

Icons in this field you look up to and how they have influenced you and your work?

There is not one person who has had an influence on me and my work, but a mix of a lot of people. Needless to say, my family has been of great support as there is complete freedom to explore work and expand it. Second, I feel I have curated my friend circle and the environment in such a way that each person teaches me something or the other about life. I have tried to stay away from people who portray a negative mindset or are always cribbing about life. Third, not just people, but the kind of content I consume has been highly filtered out, which is conducive to my growth. Four, I’m a sucker for conversations, so any conversation I have with people on a daily basis can inspire me.

What are the five most productive things that you do in your everyday routine?

One, I make it a point to put everything down on Google Calendar. This includes not only my work-related tasks, but also as simple a task as going to the gym or meeting a friend. This keeps my routine in check.

Two, I keep making notes as and when I get ideas. I use Notion and self WhatsApp group to do this.

Three, I hit the gym and eat healthily. I have realised that working out is only half the job done and isn’t really fruitful if not complemented by healthy food. Doing this has not only helped me stay physically fit, but also helps me stay in the right frame of mind.

Four, I read books. Even if it’s 5 pages a day or 10 pages, I make it a point to read. This has been a habit of late, which has helped me focus and gain diverse perspectives on life.

Five, I spend some ‘me time’ alone doing absolutely nothing. I take out time to get bored and that fuels me.

Do you think a career in this field is a viable one in the long term?

This is a very subjective question. I mean, the industry is in a good shape right now and irrespective of the number of players in the market, good talent and work will always stand out. Not just the industry, but the brands and corporates are in need of good quality content, so as long as you’re offering that, I don’t see it as a problem.

What does it take to succeed in a career?

I think one of the core requisites to succeed in life would be to try something new early on, fail at it, and then have the courage to stand up and try again. Second, the courage to start something new. I say this because we as humans have this tendency to think about what people will say about us or what if we fail when we start something new. All of these thoughts are pretty natural, but the point here is – you need to have the courage to start.

What would be your advice to youngsters planning to enter this industry?

Here would be my 2 cents:

  • Understand the industry and how it operates. Make sure you have a lot to offer before you make that big claim.
  • Learn the art of negotiation - understand that people are there to negotiate and bring down the costs. Make sure you know how to negotiate.
  • Communication - this is a no-brainer. You need to be adept at communicating because you will have to keep presenting your company and your offerings to clients. The art of convincing people will also come into picture. Make sure you’re good at it.

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