Ad Land’s Young Guns: Dhrubajyoti Choudhury, Integral Ad Science

Dhrubajyoti Choudhury is a Senior Customer Success Manager, India at Integral Ad Science (IAS). He is also a digital marketing and advertising enthusiast, with a strong inclination towards customer/ client servicing. A client advocate, with 7+ years across the client servicing and currently in the advertising technology industry, working to ensure excellent service to my stakeholders and maximising the impact of their advertising spend.

In conversation with Adgully, Dhrubajyoti Choudhury, Senior Customer Success Manager, India, Integral Ad Science (IAS), speaks about his vision and mission for future, his journey with IAS, long-term career in digital marketing and more.

What particular skill sets do you think you bring to the table?

I work for Integral Ad Science (IAS), a global leader in digital media quality. Our mission is to be the global benchmark for trust and transparency in digital media quality for the world’s leading brands, publishers, and platforms. I am helping Indian advertisers measure, protect and optimise their digital media buys. The key skill sets that help me deliver and grow in the industry include strategic thinking, collaboration, communication skills and empathy. I believe in upskilling, and I am also working on finessing some other skills. Things have changed so much in the past few years; one simply has to keep up with changing times.

How did you join your current organisation?

One evening I was going through open roles on LinkedIn before calling it a day when I came across this job post for my current role at IAS. I had previously worked with IAS in some capacity in my previous position; hence, I knew the IAS solution very well. I applied for the role, but was unsure if I would get a callback. A few weeks later, when I got a call from HR, my excitement knew no bounds, and I had no second thoughts. Interviews started, and here I am today!

Icons in this field whom you look up to and how they have influenced you and your work?

I have worked with some great leaders, and I have learned a lot from them. I find Jay Nathan very inspiring and his talks about Customer Success and SAAS positively influence a lot of CSM practitioners such as myself. I recently started following him on LinkedIn too. If you want to go the fictional way – it has to be Don Draper from ‘Mad Men’, an iconic character in many ways.

What are the five most productive things you do in your everyday routine?

A few things I follow in my daily routine are:

  1. Early riser: Once a night owl (professional reasons) for most parts of my career, it’s been a year since I started practising waking up early, and I can say with conviction it has helped increase my productivity levels.
  2. Work off a priority list: I learned this in my previous organisation, and I still practice it; I will recommend others to do it as well. Making notes about your to-dos for the day (first thing in the morning) helps keep things organised and get the most out of the day.
  3. Stretch: I try to squeeze in some exercise during the day
  4. Knowhow: I try to make time in the week to upgrade my adtech knowledge through our internal learning platforms constantly.
  5. Cook: It is essential to eat healthily and make time for things you love

Do you think a career in this field is viable long-term?

A resounding YES! The digital ecosystem, notably ad tech, is ever-evolving, dynamic, and fast-paced. Digital advertising will continue to grow and the threat of ad fraud, brand risk and viewability. Brands will continue to protect, measure and optimise their digital campaigns and find efficiencies in their supply paths. A career path in adtech is definitely exciting, lucrative and viable long-term.

What does it take to succeed in a career?

There are many. However, three which stand out to me and I feel are very critical:

  1. Hard work and Persistence: There simply can’t be an alternative to hard work, and persistence is important because failure is an inevitable part of our journey
  2. Self-belief: Doubts will creep in from time to time, but make sure they don't stick
  3. Work Ethics: One of the most important aspects to focus on for any professional. Good work ethics reflect in your work, and stakeholders take notice

What would be your advice to youngsters planning to enter this industry?

Do not chase after salary and titles. Look for what allows you to grow as a professional and develop skills. Keep learning; practice makes it perfect.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Since the start of my career, I have been working in a client servicing role, and my graduation had its roots in the Hospitality industry. With the onset of the Digital Era and the emergence of so many new technologies, I believe client servicing, consultation, and training for stakeholders will be an integral part of every organisation. I see myself or will at least try to be in a position to set benchmarks around these practices and keep delivering value.

Is there any organisation that you would like to work with in the future?

I have never associated my future with any organisation; I would instead associate it with my scope of work and the difference I will be able to make.

An exception would be that I would love to work with World Wrestling Entertainment, at least in some capacity, as I am an avid fan of WWE.


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