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Ad-Vantage Quiz Wk 12: Pride Week, McD’s BTS meal & Clubhouse competition

Adgully is back with Week 13 of the Ad-Vantage Quiz with Rajiv Gopinath. Last week, participants engaged with questions related to Pride Week, McD’s BTS meal and other interesting questions.

Being at the forefront of advertising and media news coverage for over a decade, Adgully has launched an engaging quiz contest to reward readers who closely follow developments in the Advertising and Marketing domain. Our quizmaster, Rajiv Gopinath, Chief Client Officer, Starcom, will share 10 topical questions every week on the latest developments in Business, Advertising and Brands.

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To win, participants need to answer all the questions correctly and at the earliest. The quiz is live from 11 am on Tuesday (July 20, 2021) to 11 pm on Saturday (July 24, 2021). Here’s what you need to do to participate:

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The winner of the quiz and the answers will be published every Tuesday. The winner will receive an Amazon Pay E-Gift Voucher worth Rs 1,000 via email.

Rohit Bansal got most of the answers correct for this quiz, except one. So, unfortunately there is no winner this week.

The winner of Ad-Vantage Quiz will get an Amazon Pay E-Gift Voucher worth Rs 1,000 via email.

  1. During the early morning hours (around 1:15-1:20 a.m.) on June 28, 1969, plainclothes officers from the New York Police Department arrived at the Stonewall Inn. This led to the origins for which event?

Gay Pride marches/ International gay rights movement/ Pride week

  1. com banned the account of which Indian entrepreneur recently?

Nikhil Kamath

  1. Infinix Mobile is the title sponsor of which sporting event which is being held over the next 3 months?

ESPL (Esports Premier League)

  1. Name the meal

McD BTS Meal

The band’s signature order – featuring a 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, medium Fries, medium Coke, and Sweet Chili and Cajun dipping sauces inspired by recipes from McDonald’s South Korea

  1. What started in 1995 at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan? 

The Victoria’s Secret fashion show featuring Stephanie Seymour, Beverly Peele.

  1. Stages, Rooms and Spaces are a response to what?

Clubhouse. They are various products that competitors are launching – Twitter Spaces, Spotify Green Rooms, Discord Stages.

  1. 85db was a threshold for what?

In the Punishing signal campaign of Mumbai Police.

When the honk decibel exceeded a dangerous 85dB, the signal timer would reset itself… forcing the people to wait longer at the signal! Thus, ‘punishing’ them for their impatience with the message, honk more, wait more!

  1. On that ____________, she might start an __________. Fill in the blanks of the brands from a popular song.

Demon time, OnlyFans

From Savage remix – Megan Thee Stallion

  1. Why were Amouranth and Indiefoxx knocked off Twitch?

For sexual ASMR content

  1. Connect Maurice LeBlanc and Netflix.


The show features Assane Diop, a man who is inspired by the adventures of master thief Arsène Lupin, a character created by Maurice Leblanc in the early 1900s


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