Ad-Vantage Week 4 - On Meghan Markle’s first job & toys going gender neutral

Adgully is back for Week 4 of the Ad-Vantage Quiz with Rajiv Gopinath. Last week, participants engaged with questions related to Unilever’s campaign for Positive Beauty Vision, Burger King’s Women’s Day campaign and other such interesting questions.

Being at the forefront of advertising and media news coverage for over a decade, Adgully has launched an engaging quiz contest to reward readers who closely follow developments in the Advertising and Marketing domain. Our quizmaster Rajiv Gopinath, Chief Client Officer, Starcom, will share 10 topical questions every week on the latest developments in Business, Advertising and Brands.

To win, participants need to answer all the questions correctly and at the earliest. The quiz is live from 11 am on Tuesday (March 23, 2021) to 11 pm on Friday (March 26, 2021). Here’s what you need to do to participate.

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Find below the answers to last week’s quiz.

There were 2 participants who performed really well, but unfortunately due to one or two wrong answers there was no winner last week.

The two participants who excelled last week’s quiz were:

Karan Singhania

Alekhya Chakrabarty

  1. The Sherman Oaks outlet of this dessert shop saw a spike in customers last week. Why?

Meghan Markle’s first job when she moved to LA was at Humphrey Yogart. She mentioned this during her interview last week.

  1. The HER scholarship details were lost in which fine print?

In Burger King’s “Women belong in the kitchen” communication on Women’s day. The HER (Helping Equalize Restaurants) scholarship was a commitment to help their aspiring female chefs to pursue a culinary degree.

  1. Which popular toy recently went gender neutral?

Potato Head. Hasbro dropped “Mister” from the Mr Potato Head brand.

  1. Connect the below fictional characters who have superpowers – Tony Stark, Danny Rand and Carlton Drake.

Elon Musk. All the above characters have some similarities to Elon Musk and when they were being depicted on screen, they were influenced by Elon Musk.

  1. Name the Currency

Robux. The in game currency of Roblox, the gaming site that’s valued at $45 billion.

  1. This company, whose name is based on the sound for hitting the jackpot, is making waves. Which one?

Coupang. The e-commerce company is a household name in South Korea with its fast deliveries. The company’s name is a mix of the English word “coupon” and “pang,” the Korean sound for hitting the jackpot.

  1. This company took this step last week as one of many steps to challenge narrow beauty ideals. Name the company and the step they took last week.

Unilever. Removal of the word “Normal” from their products. It’s one of a number of actions being taken as part of the Positive Beauty vision.

  1. He invented this product in 1963, and about two decades later contributed to its downfall. In the news as he passed away last week. Who?

Lou Ottens. He led the team at Philips that changed the audio world in 1963 by introducing the compact cassette. He then contributed to the development of the compact disc, a product Sony and Philips unveiled in 1982.

  1. She got skin tones to this much used feature. Who?

Katrina Parrott. Till 2013, emoji’s depicted people in only one skin tone. She then launched iDiversicons, an iPhone app that allowed users to copy and paste emojis with 5 distinct skin tones into their messages.

  1. Which new social network site calls itself the Reddit for Bharat?

Kutumb. A private social network for communities.


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