Ad volumes on TV see a rebound in Q2 FY22, growing 14% YoY: TAM AdEx

Ad volumes on Television rebounded in Jul-Sep’21, with a ‘V’ shape recovery, and an 11% upsurge over Apr-Jun’21 and a 14% growth over Jul-Sep’20, as per TAM AdEx’s report on TV advertising in Q2 FY2022. However, Ad Volumes on TV saw a drop of 10% during Apr-Jun’21 over Jan-Mar’20, the main reason being the second wave of COVID-19.

With an increase in TV ad volumes from Jul-Sep’21, the number of categories, advertisers, and brands climbed by 6%, 12%, and 12%, respectively, over Jul-Sep’20.

Food & Beverages sector topped with 22% share of Ad Volumes during Jul-Sep’21, followed by Personal Care/ Personal Hygiene with 16% share, which was top in Jul-Sep’20. The Top 3 sectors together accounted for more than 50% share of the Ad Volumes, which were also among the Top 3 during Jan-Jun’20.

With a jump of 5 positions, Milk Beverages topped the list of categories on TV. Tea category moved up by 5 ranks to enter in the top 10 list during Jul-Sep’21 with 2% share of Ad Volumes. As the fear of the third wave diminished, the category Toilet Soaps slid down to the 2nd rank. The Ecom-Education, Chocolates and Tea Categories were the new entrants in Top 10 list of Jul-Sep’21.

Over 210 growing Categories were present during Jul-Sep’21, compared to Jul-Sep’20. Among the Categories, Milk Beverages saw the highest increase in Ad Volumes with a growth of 44%, followed by Paints with 3.4x growth during Jul-Sep’21, compared to Jul-Sep’20. In terms of growth percentage, Software category witnessed the highest growth among the Top 10 at almost 30x in Jul-Sep’21.

More than 4,130 Advertisers were present during Jul-Sep’21. The Top 50 Advertisers on Television accounted for more than 60% share of the Ad Volumes. HUL topped the list of advertisers with 14% of the ad volume share during Jul-Sep’21, followed by Reckitt Benckiser (India), which had a share of 11%. The Top 10 advertisers together added nearly 40% share of the Ad Volumes. Five out of the Top 10 brands were from Reckitt Benckiser, contributing 6% share of the Ad Volumes together during Jul-Sep’21, while 4 of the Top 10 brands belonged to HUL.

There were 2,515+ Exclusive Advertisers present during Jul-Sep’21. Nearly 4K+ Exclusive Brands advertised during Jul-Sep’21 over Jul-Sep’20. Delhi Skill & Entrepreneurship University was the top exclusive advertiser and brand during Jul-Sep’21.

Leading Channel Genres

In Jul-Sep’21, News Genre topped with 28% of the Ad Volumes, closely followed by GEC with almost same share. Barring the Movies genre, all the Top four genres registered growth in Ad Volumes during Jul-Sep’21 over Jul-Sep’20, with Music genre seeing the highest growth of 44%.

Feature Films was the most preferred program genre in Jul-Sep’21 to promote brands on Television. The Top 3 program genres – Feature Films, News Bulletin and Film Songs – together covered 55% of the TV ad volumes in Jul-Sep’21.

On TV, Prime Time was the most preferred time-band, followed by Afternoon & Morning. Together, the Prime Time, Afternoon and Morning time bands combined for more than 70% of the ad volumes.


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