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adasia 2011: Day 3 at a glance

The last day at Adasia 2011 began on a very highly positive and spiritual note. Spiritualism has dominated the collective consciousness of India for centuries. The world is now taking note of this and has started adopting it - albeit at varying degrees of depth - across life & business. Indian corporations, in many cases, have seamlessly synthesized spiritualism & strategy wherein, apart from managing diverse complexities of business, spiritualism has acted as a great cushion to confront the challenges of a multi-speed world. Since, "feeling' influences "thinking', which in turn affects "behavior' which finally results in impacting "character' & "destiny', this session will help connect all the dots of life & business.

Speaking on this occasion, Swami Sukhabodhananda, Founder & Chairman, Prasanna Trust on this occasion citied numerous examples from the Bhagwat Gita and related them to concepts of global chaos, ethos, pathos.

He said, "People in today's world miss out the ecstasy in life. Humans today mistake pleasure as joy and flow with the issue. Suggesting simple rules of dealing in life, be it professional or personal said, "Problems will continue in life, but the trick is how would face the challenges of life and enjoy it."

Swami Sukhabodhananda enthralled the audiences with delightful anecdotes. He said, "The global community is facing the problem of consumerism; but I do not see a conflict between consumerism / materialism and spirituality. What one needs to do in this situation is not to function from the arrogant "I' factor, but take the innocent "I' route."

He concluded the session by saying, " We define our success by comparing it with other's failure or vice versa; but this is incorrect. All we need to do is define ourselves first, rest all will involuntarily follow the desired path."

Also an important announcement was made at Adasia 2011. It was announced that the next destination for the extravagant advertising gathering for the year 2013 will be Vietnam. Also in a interesting development, Thailand and Taipei were two countries that had submitted their bids to host Adasia 2015. By popular demand and choices, Taipei was voted the host for Adasia 2015. Representatives from Taipei seemed elated and excited to play hosts to creative minds from all over Asia.

Adding further she said, "It is very essential to connect with the globe by building relationships with customers, who are powerful, because they are the real wealth in a business."

Duncan Goose, Founder & MD, Global Ethics Ltd, said, "Focusing on consumers is very essential by simple idea of connecting daily purchase to life changing ideas. The like to like concept should be embedded in the company and its business culture, which will bring about a sense of connecting with the consumers. It definitely is a long term process, but true intention and consistency will bring about the desired change in the capitalist mind set to add a human angel to the business."

The third session at Adasia touched upon a subject that has slowly become a point of concern for both, companies and advertisers. It revolved around some interesting questions like; does your DNA affect your shopping habits? Does the geography of a sale make a difference to its success? Does the oriental woman shopper have a different pattern when compared to her occidental counterpart? This session aimed to explore such and many more traits of the Asian Woman Consumer!

Speaking in this session, Abeek Singhi, of BCG India, highlighted that, "Women are in a way most difficult consumers to crack through. There is a very radical change happening in the way women think and make their purchase decisions. For example, a woman consumer in India may shop from a street side grocery shop, because it may offer her credit based purchase, while bigger shopping mall may not. Similarly, she may chose some local product in one category, while some other reason, buy a "brand' in the same product category."

Adding further, he said, "It is difficult to understand the women consumer, but what we "men' need to do is listen to them carefully, since they have a lot to say, literally on everything".

This session, the Pursuit of Big Ideas in the Age of Now, at Adasia aimed at not only showcasing some of the big ideas that have made a difference, but also tried to highlight the taxanomy of pursuing big ideas. Speaking on this occasion,Robert Senior, Creative Chairman,Saatchi and Saatchi said, "An idea is not born big.

Anyone can kill it. The real skill is to build it together and nurture it into a cannon ball." Adding further he said, "We live in a VUCA world,that is, Volatality,Uncertainity, Complexity and Ambegoues."

The final session not only captured Nooyi's perspective of managing business / brands in the New World Order but also stimulated the delegates on how to manage business with de-averaged realities. Nooyi says, "With young people come new ideas and we need to welcome those ideas. Leaders need to remember that many of their employees need to adapt to new skills."

John Wren, CEO of Omnicom talks about Indra Nooyi and praises her great leadership skills before he begins asking her a few questions.

According to Nooyi, Pepsico'a philosophy, If you have a mouth, we will feed you.

A short yet very intriguing talk by Indra Nooyi & a discussion with John Wren comes to an end. With the exciting and amazing sessions Adasia2011 came to a end with all new excitement of Adasia 2013.

Advertising industry's one of the most awaited event adasia 2011 concludes in New Delhi.

The event began as a three day Asian Advertising Conference in 1958 sponsored by the Japan International Advertising Association (JIAA). The principle objective of the conference was to give Asian Advertising a boost in the post war era. The conference then was attended by delegates from six countries including Japan. The modest conference grew into a congress in the 1960s and was nicknamed AdAsia in 1984.

Over time AdAsia has become the continent's most prestigious event. AdAsia 2011, New Delhi was the 27th edition of this congress and the fourth time it is being held in India.

The extravagant advertising gathering for the year 2013 will be held at Vietnam. | By Aanchal Kohli [aanchal(at)]


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