Adgully Exclusivce | Passion for your profession is a key to success: PageTraffic's Navneet Kaushal

Navneet is a trusted authority in the search engine marketing industry. He helps value-conscious businesses build site traffic, increase the user base, and boost web sales and bolster customer satisfaction. Under his guidance, PageTraffic has become one of the foremost companies specialising in SEO, PPC, SMO and Web Development and has won numerous awards.

In an exclusive interaction with Adgully, Navneet Kaushal, founder and CEO of PageTraffic, explained the challenge faced as an SEO agency and their core competencies to survive in the market.

The biggest challenge faced by PageTraffic according to Navneet Kaushal, founder and CEO of PageTraffic, is that, "We have faced it in the terms of growth having knowledgeable people. For us, challenge is not been in terms of sale. It's all about getting the right set of people, quality of people to work with you. Of course it's a new field and that too not more than 12-years- old. Getting people who are experienced or has a bend is difficult. Nobody wants to make a career in it and there are no courses in it yet, so that's the biggest challenge. "

"The second challenge for us has been the growing and demanding customers when it comes to the quality of work, but we have been able to overcome those by putting loads of quality checks. Quality checks is one of the toughest one in the industry, everything goes through a lot of quality checks. And that's the reason our clients appreciate, our quality and we are trying to build it."

The core competency of PageTraffic is the search engine marketing. PageTraffic, primarily being an SEO company, now does a lot of other work in fields such as social media and web development. But, the main component lies with the self-engine optimization.

Navneet explained the issues that they faced while acquiring clients for SEO, he said, "It's been an issue because clients still think that it's free. If I go 5 years back, people would think SEO is free. So, it was very tough for me to explain to someone that SEO is not free, and that was something which took a lot of time. So, now people understand the value, but still some people think that it's cheap and its cheapest form of marketing, that's the biggest challenge. But it has grown from last couple of years."

Being a SEO company, we asked Navneet about their focus area as of now, he replied, "For us, now the focus area is India. Though we have been focusing outside US and UK, but now are focus is SME sector in India. We are also trying for tie ups, some of which we have in India with agencies, whose core competencies don't lie in SEO. For example, Google in 2011 had 300 updates; it's not easy for everybody to keep up with that. They are jack of all but we are the master of it. So, we are consulting for companies who already have SEO teams. Nobody knows they are doing it right or wrong, so now we are doing loads of workshops. And, we want to grow more in that area."

"We do face stumbling blocks and that has been, previously when our customers were in the US, for us the time zone was a problem. But, we do overcome that. We hired people, we did not have an office in the US, so we opened our office in Chicago and that was the major stumbling block. People are more comfortable in talking to somebody in US, in their accent, according to their time. We are still want quality of people who are passionate about digital marketing, and that's been still something we are trying to overcome. I am sure every digital agency has the same pains," explained Navneet.

Being a SEO company, PageTraffic focuses more on hospitality industries such as travel, hotels, travel agencies, and travel websites. Apart from that they are also focusing on, local business like- plumber services in town or a dentist or a local doctor. As local search has risen, loads of e-commerce sites are coming in India. And that's one of the focus areas of PageTraffic.

We asked Navneet to share with us his success mantra - "Prime thing is passion. Something which started as my hobby is my profession. When hobby becomes profession, my favourite past time is my work. To have passion for this industry and passion to do something better, passion to evolve has helped us the most. Every second year we revamp our process, our offerings. Not because our clients demand that, but because we think the time has come to do so. We introduce new features; new types of reporting which our clients appreciate. These have been some of the key learnings for us and have been good for our growth. Most of people come to us, just because they know our brand. For us, word of mouth is still our number one way of generating more business."


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