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When was the last time you worried about being stuck in traffic and had the price of petrol nagging you at the back of your mind? Adometer now aims to make your wait in traffic more profitable. Advertising in the transit media is not a novel idea anymore with more and more companies realizing that one must take advantage of every space possible in a space constrained world. Ad men now understand exactly how much time a consumer spends and where, through extensive researches. So if you are stuck in traffic and you look around, you will not be surprised to find yourselves engulfed by ads on the billboards, on the street lights, on footpaths, on buses and now even personal vehicles. Adometer Media, an outdoor advertising company specializes in transit media.

Talking exclusively to Adgully, Kiran Rao and Karan Bharwdaj, founders of Adometer Media elaborates on how the idea came along and what their future goals are.

While being stuck in traffic one fine evening, they realized that trucks/lorries with "HORN OK PLEASE' and buses already advertise on the backs and were things that one really was able to retain.

"If I were to be offered money to advertise on the rear of my car that while I am stuck in traffic wasting petrol (you know how much a liter of petrol costs today), I will jump to accept it as long as it does not hinder my comfort inside the car. That's it and we were on to it from there on and today we are proud to say that we weren't wrong at all. Adometer is the platform we created and now Adometer boasts of over 8000 car owners registered with it who share the same ideology," said Rao.

Ever since then, there was no looking back for the Adometer team. Adometer has appealed to a lot of companies, from retail to FMCG, Utility good manufacturers to Leisure and Service providers to Architectural designer. Rao then said, "They all have appreciated the concept and of course a few have already tried it out. Car owners so far have been not very fortunate along with Adometer as the supply is to demand has not synchronized yet. However, the first wave of car owners that registered with Adometer already are earning anywhere between Rs2000 ' Rs2500 per month. We only had to take the first step and there was no stopping us."

Understanding the client's requirement has been now Adometer's focus for which Adometer has customized a few campaigns to suit the client's needs. To elaborate, Rao explained, "The Four Fountains Spa is one of our clients who really needed to target very specific areas for its promotion. Adometer provided a solution wherein only a limited number of cars were put to advertise (a set of 3) including three dimensional properties jutting out of the cars and yet becoming an integral part of the advert pasted on the doors of the same. Not only that but the cars were driven on prescribed routes as the client needed and thus the result was achieved."

"Similarly Adometer has catered to all its clients so far with the only intention of giving them their money's worth and on the other hand make each person in that congested traffic to feel glad that someone is helping him lessen the burden of his petrol bills," Rao further adds.

Bharwdaj then elaborated on some of the company's best works. Currently, Adometer is serving "Charagh Din Shirts' for its advertising in transit media. Adometer is also managing a campaign for the launch of a SPA chain by the name "The Four Fountains Spa' in Mumbai. Adometer has hired 3 vehicles exclusively for the promotion of this Spa and has designed the vehicles in themes that speak about the Spa. Here, 3-D models are incorporated along with the wraps on the vehicles. "The scales of these 3-D models have been accentuated to grab attention. Of course, the hiring of these cars does wonders for itself as these cars run on a prescribed route during peak hours and will continue to do so for the length of the campaign," Rao said.

Apart from that Adometer is also now Media partners with Radiocity 91.1 FM and has branded several vehicles for them.

Another special mention is Kanakia Spaces which happens to be one of its kinds. "Here Adometer has not arranged for the vehicles but instead Adometer designed the company run buses for its employees using Kanakia Spaces' latest marvel the Boomerang structure. Now, the bus carries a fully wrapped impersonation of that building while picking up & dropping their employees," Rao explained.

A few projects that Adometer will materialize in the near future includes advertising for a giant playgroup franchise, creating a design theme for a realty consultant, on a Pan India level and also executing the job of organizing a financial awareness campaign for a renowned Mutual Fund House amongst others.

On an ending note, Rao and Bharwdaj said, "Our mission is to provide all business with innovative advertising that inculcates the values our clients represent and constantly try to enhance and supersede their expectations by adding value to their ad spends." | By Janees Antoo [janees(at)]


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