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Adgully Exclusive | Getting "customer centric" with C R Vinay

With nearly 14 years' experience in the advertising, marketing, Digital & ITeS industry, C R Vinay, Founder & Managing Director, Customer Centria found that time and time again, the need for Customer Engagement and its importance in the overall success of businesses had become quite evident. This was very clearly a gap in the market, and the lack of awareness on its value creation potential, was one of the key reasons he started Customer Centria.

Vinay claims that his driving force, which is what clearly differentiates their business from the rest, is that customers are not databases; they are not just transactions, but emotive and expressive human beings, with hopes and desires, aspirations and motivations, which is what drives us to live a full life. He believes that brands, products and services offered by Enterprises are solving and addressing human needs, wants and aspirations and therefore these are the idioms they need to address by engaging and creating experiences that energise these needs.

Vinay states that being able to orchestrate a perfect customer experience, across a multitude of channels, technology platforms and the very dynamic changing preferences of the consumer, is what makes Customer Centria's offering of engagement and experience completely unique.

Vinay's vision has been to ccreate a unified cultural mindset where all functions and departments work in synergy towards enabling the growth of the Enterprise, wherein each individual is given his own space to create and innovate. He adds, "Be the resource in providing consistent and regular learning's to our clients, about their customers, thus managing meaningful conversations and driving long term relationships."

Speaking on the industry development over the years in his observation Vinay says, "The rules of marketing have changed. Technology adoption is almost instantaneous. Consumers are finding answers to their problems in new an innovative way. The question is that, as a marketer in this context, are you reaching your consumer? Because, his mediums of communication have changed, so needs to every marketer."

Most industries and marketers have sat up and taken notice of this change in thought. Vinay states, "Young India is expressing their opinions freely, and wants to be heard." With the youth of our country forming the major percentage of the population, it is only natural to use the digital platform for customer engagement. Thus, considering that the consumer has evolved, the marketers' interaction with the consumer, also needs to evolve.

In his observation, Vinay states that customers are talking to each other and advocating experiences emanating from products, brands, activities etc. Let loyal customers spread messages easily. Vinay illustrates this with, which they were proud to co create and run. It has been featured by a UK research consultancy which tracks global brands, consumer trends etc. It marks Gojiyo as one of the most innovative social networks from around the globe as part of its digital trends mapping. "Everything is becoming virtually real, and the boundaries between the real and virtual are blurring," he added.

Summing up this subject matter he says, "So here's what it will take ' if the marketers of today want to succeed, they have to get out there, talking to them in their language, they have no choice but to adopt the C2C idiom or be left out¦forever."

Commenting on Customer Centria's plans for the years ahead Vinay said, "By the end of this calendar year we are targeting to double our employee base. We have planned to grow to a 500 member organisation in the next 3-4 years." He further adds that they will focus on product innovations, through their product development centre in Bangalore. They will also soon be launching a social media tool, which will revolutionise customer engagement, and "connect the dots" for marketers like never before. Vinay states that an extensively superior database profiling tool is also underway.

Briefly put, Customer Centria will continue to push boundaries in its effort to become the leading global customer engagement and experience company and achieve the aim of being a centre of excellence, to act as the central custodian of innovation in their enterprise.


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