Adgully Exclusive | I am inherently a very filmy person: Ranvijay

The Indian television has evolved from being a "single-channel" displaying idiot box, to a format that has multiple channels and entertainment extravaganza, all thanks to Liberalisation. Now the 21 inches of technology comes along with entertainment, brands and a lot of "opportunities".

The everyday television programming today is full of shows that is "real" and reeled out of reality. It's the never ending saga of real heroes on the TV that display all they have to and are chosen on the basis of maximum votes. Call it talent shows, reality shows or just a platform for the common man, but reality shows have entered the Indian shores and are here to stay.

Indian reality shows have launched many new faces in the entertainment industry. These faces have been recognized for their talent and most of all, they have been from amongst the common masses. The reality show platform has been able to make the common man believe that he too can make it into the world of entertainment where talent came with succession.

Earlier talent was determined by a rich or powerful father, the reality show format broke open the chains of day dreaming for many Indians and turned their dreams into reality. Reality shows have given us some of the many famous faces like Abhijeet Sawant, Anushka Manchanda, Rahul Vaidya and the man who became a rage amongst the youth- Rannvijay Singh.

Rannvijay was a part of the first Roadies season and he has been hosting the show ever since and has been quite famous for his sense of style and anchoring abilities. From being a VJ to acting in Bollywood and also being a columnist in a leading daily this young man has accomplished everything in style and serenity.

He says nothing was planned for him and everything more or less happened one after the other. He was going to join the Army, when Raghu asked him to come to MTV. Then once he started doing well on TV, he feels that there are lots of people who write the right scripts and could see him fitting into a role and hence films also happened.

Besides he says, he is very filmy, although he is not a trained actor, but he watches a lot of films. "I am inherently very filmy a person and I think it was just a logical step for me because I could not have gone back to the Army," he says.

When asked which medium he likes better, film or TV, he says TV allows him to be himself, where he doesn't have to act like someone else or play a character. On the other hand, in films though he isn't being himself i.e. Rannvijay, he sees it as an interesting situation and thus he would want to strike a beautiful balance between TV and films.

Being associated with his grungy look and cool quotient he has also been associated with quite a few social causes but he humbly replies back that it's just the way he has been brought up and he also feels that his family's strong Army background has inculcated that passion in him.

He was a one of the dependable find as a VJ from Roadies a show that is all about the road and the bikes. Rannvijay too obviously has an ever-spirited love for bikes, and that was one of the reasons why he auditioned for Roadies. "Now I have five bikes and don't have a house," he jokes.

But with an identifiable face comes a lot of attention, and for Rannvijay who was immediately titled as a "youth icon", he feels that all the fame has come at a high price of huge responsibility. But at the expense of being responsible he doesn't want to be preachy, because he feels that the youth looks upto him since he got what he wanted, and they feel that it can happen to them too.

When asked him, how a Roadie stands apart from the rest of the masses, he says Roadie is someone with a seeking mind and somebody who has the courage to rise up and became more than what he/she already is.

While there are oohs and aahs on his style quotient and attitude, Rannvijay is equally humble and firmly rooted on the ground. Maybe that hat looks stylish because he is wearing it, but let's sees how many feathers make their way into that stylish hat of his and his modest mind. | By Prabha Hegde [prabha(at)]


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