Adgully Exclusive | PLEDGE 2012: Is it "New Year' business resolution or "NEW' New Year business resolution...

Another Year, another new Month, all new hopes, all new expectations, all new challenges, all new opportunities! New Year, a time full of joy and happiness, celebration, learning's from the past and resolutions for the upcoming year, so stepping into "all New Year' with lots of hopes and expectations we at Adgully spoke to various industry leaders to gaze how they are planning to welcome 2012 and how they intend to take their respective organization's ahead.

New Year "resolution" is the most talked about topic around New Year, we asked the leaders what is their "Business resolution' for 2012. If we look back, 2009 was a tough year and 2012 if the economic scenario progresses the way it has been moving in the last six months may be testing times for all of us.We found leaders across in cautious mode and ready to talk the language the tie demands.

Ashish Bhasin, Chairman India & CEO South East Asia, Aegis Media says, "The best time to grow and invest in talent is when nobody else is doing it . I look forward to continuing that winning formula in 2012, which has worked brilliantly for Aegis Media India this year. Profit is paramount and hence my resolution continues to accept only that business which makes commercial sense, as well as has a financially credible client on the other side. Entrepreneurial ability is part of both Aegis Media's and my DNA and hence the resolution to continue building an agency that encourages and grows every employee to become an entrepreneur.

Prashant Panday, chief executive officer of Radio Mirchi, says, "There really are no new business resolutions. Sticking to the fundamentals is what we will practice. Tight control on costs is a must for any radio business. Bidding correctly in Phase-3 is another important thing. We first practiced it during bidding for Phase-2 and we've had a profitable run primarily because we bid correctly. It didn't matter that we lost 2-3 important towns in the process. We will continue our focus on brand building. We have the best team in programming and marketing and they will collectively work together in taking the brand further. We hope to launch our first international station shortly ' in the UAE ' in partnership with Abu Dhabi Media Company. And most importantly, we plan to remain the best place to work in in the media space!

Alok Sanwal COO & Editor, I next says, "Publications, in the existing contours of business environment, are facing a stiff challenge of staying relevant to the readers as well as the advertisers. The need is to explore platforms allowing more interaction and engagement between the three; Publications, readers and advertisers. This could be done by manifesting into allied business channels that could provide multiple platforms to the stakeholders to interact with the targeted segment. From company's point of view, on one hand it would provide more horizontal incursion into markets and also hedge against possible burnout of any one vertical, on the other. In I next, we, therefore, focus on the consolidation of our web and activation businesses. Simultaneously, integration of web in print will also be focus area. The brand centric approach needs to be embraced; it would affect easy transition of one dimensional publication into comprehensive media houses and solution providers. We, in I next, are doing just that!"

Well!! Nisha Singhania, GM - Saatchi & Saatchi, Mumbai says, "My resolutions for 2012 are: Quality over Quantity, Create a Dream Team, Make Saatchi & Saatchi a great place to work and on the personal note; Smile more, Make people smile, Travel more, Spend more time with my son, Get fit - by cycling at least three times a week, Do my bit to make the earth a better place - avoid plastic usage, save paper and power, Keep my new year resolutions."

Arpan Chatterjee, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, NaiDunia Media says: With the current economic scenario, GPD forecast going down, rupee depreciation against US dollar, Industrial production Index showing a sharp decline, - Cost Consciousness will drive our ability to withstand these external pressure & grow further. We will continue to attract, develop & bond talent, while setting new standards of productivity. Will focus on Customer orientation. Deliver varied propositions & more value, as customers are also under the same pressure. And we will continue to build & nourish a culture internally that embraces change, as the scenario will only be more dynamic in future.

Whereas as per Ramesh Chembath, Asst V.P - Head - Marketing & LFR sales , Godrej Appliances, their business resolution is to increase our engagement levels more with the consumers. As being marketing guys we all talk about communicating with the consumers but with increasing technologies and the consumer involvement with the brand our resolution is to increase our engagement level with the consumers so to create better works. Also earlier we were talking about co-operation and now we are talking about collaboration."

Anil Sathiraju, Mudra Max Media-South Head says, "Am looking at 2012 as a very exciting year, I don't believe in resolutions as such, but we will have to ensure we achieve our business goals & objectives. As a team, we will look at exploring newer opportunities, newer businesses"

Shashank M Joshi, MD, My Mobile Payment Limited says, "With the growing penetration of mobile phones in India, we at My Mobile Payments Limited (MMPL) believe that mobile payments have huge potential in both urban and rural areas. For the year ahead, we want to empower all the mobile phone users across sections of the society with MMPL's m-wallet which offers services in simple, easy and secured methods. Aiming at revolutionizing the payment system and creating a convenient mode especially for the unbanked is MMPL's plan for 2012. By delivering services through a flexible payment system, MMPL team is determined to turn RBI's desire into reality of converting 70% of the country's financial transactions to electronic by 2012. As we bid farewell to 2011 in which MMPL received RBI's permission to launch m-wallet, we welcome the New Year with excitement and high anticipation."

It seems that the industry leaders welcome the year with lot of "Enthusiasm' and motivation. 2012 has been a year with lots of ups and downs. There were lot movements in the industry. But let's hope 2012 brings in a lot of healthy, wealthy and prosperous time. | By Aanchal Kohli [aanchal(at)]

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