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Adgully Live | adasia 2011: Day 2, Session 3; Ideas that are contagious

The third session highlighted the impact of new technologies on consumer behavior which have caused the advertising industry to embrace the Silicon Valley mentality of risk and reward. This seminar explored some of the best examples of brands and agencies diverting energy and resources into experiments, uncovering new opportunities and collaborative cultures.
Will Sansom, Writer & Consultant, Contagious Communications, said, “One should experience over innovation, you should check out online in real life. The emotional powers of responses from customers are highly important.” He cited an example of James berry bear, where the brand after a little fiasco received personalized attacks; but with the optimum use of new age technology like twitter turned all the negative response to positive by calling back all defective products via personalized messages.
“It is all about engagement and personalization through your content and social strategy”, he said. He added that, “Data is the oil of social media”, while he remarked that, “People today do not need advertising and marketing. One should always remember that any technology you use or want to send any message, it is ultimately for the ‘real’ people”.

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