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Adgully Live | adasia 2011: Day 3, Session 3; Marketing to Women Consumers in Asia

The third session at Adasia touched upon a subject that has slowly become a point of concern for both, companies and advertisers. It revolved around some interesting questions like; does your DNA affect your shopping habits? Does the geography of a sale make a difference to its success? Does the oriental woman shopper have a different pattern when compared to her occidental counterpart? This session aimed to explore such and many more traits of the Asian Woman Consumer!  
Speaking in this session, Abeek Singhi, of BCG India, highlighted that, “Women are in a way most difficult consumers to crack through. There is a very radical change happening in the way women think and make their purchase decisions. For example, a woman consumer in India may shop from a street side grocery shop, because it may offer her credit based purchase, while bigger shopping mall may not. Similarly, she may chose some local product in one category, while some other reason, buy a ‘brand’ in the same product category.”
Adding further, he said, “It is difficult to understand the women consumer, but what we ‘men’ need to do is listen to them carefully, since they have a lot to say, literally on everything”.

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