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When one talks about the power of 3 in the media domain, it may not be wrong to say ‘3’s a company’! Speaking on the same line on entering its third successful year, Adgully talks to the power heads at Scarecrow Communications to get an insight on the wonders of working a company with 3 powerful and creative partners in the company.
Hotshot creative advertising professionals Manish Bhatt and Raghu Bhat opted to leave the cozy confines of a mainline agency business to become entrepreneurs. They were earlier with Contract Advertising. Both professionals have put in nearly 17 years into the advertising business. Their third partner, Arunava Sengupta, better known as Joy, services the advertising accounts for Scarecrow Communications Ltd. Scarecrow, a full fledged agency offers a suite of services including creative and media. The accounts they have handled till date include Aegon Religare, Coke, Asian Paints and Cadbury’s etc.
We caught up with Manish Bhatt and Joy Sengupta both Founders & Directors at Scarecrow Communications Ltd. to share their views and opinions as to what significance the ‘Number 3’ holds for them in their business and partnership and how it has helped them favourably and also  in times of adversities. This is what they had to say:
Sharing his views on the power of 3 and how it has helped them as a business outfit Manish said, “Numerology was not essential when we began the company. Creativity for us is bilingual - art and copy.  The three of us, Raghu, Joy and me have been in this field for the last 16-17 years”. When they ventured out initially, they realized that advertisers are not only looking for creative products but also were looking for strategy, planning etc. Hence the two departments which are the Creative and Accounts management both had to go hand in hand. Manish Bhatt goes on to say, “If your creative is in place there needs to be an understanding of the rationality of the business. That is where Joy comes in and we share a good chemistry with him. By roping him in we have become 2+ 1= 3!”

Joy Sengupta sharing his views on the same said, “When we started we never wanted Scarecrow to be just a creative boutique. Yes we wanted Scarecrow to deliver outstanding creative solutions backed by solid consumer insight. And hence from day one we wanted it to be a marriage of right brain and left brain. And I think that has helped us to create a very distinct place for ourselves where we offer the entire package of communication solution rather just a part of it.” This has resulted in them being the lead agency both from a strategic and creative POV for all their clients. This has also led to most of their client relationship being that of yearly retainer basis rather than projects. 

With regard to the ‘power of 3’ helping them in their business and also to the team and company Sengupta said, “I think it also helps us to take on more responsibility as an organisation as the work gets divided between the three of us. Manish Bhatt expressed his views and said, “Art related issues and topics in the initial days were differently opinionated. For example, deciding on the logo or interiors of the office or taking other decisions of the company was concerned sometimes our ideas were not in sync. But the maturity of the team is that is allows each one to be independent in their thoughts and ideas. There is a possibility of disagreement in core ideas but there is always unity in diversity, other wise it becomes claustrophobic and difficult to work in the team.
“3 as a number in the numerological sense helps in making decisions easier,” opines Manish Bhatt. “In the creative side it is me and Raghu who take decisions but the accounts management also needs to be considered and that is where we rely on Joy. Apart from core skills, some personality traits do make a person distinct,” he said. In his opinion Raghu is a person who takes decisions after doing extensive research and study on a subject whereas Joy goes with his gut feelings in many matters. “In my case I am a combination of both!” he exclaims. Shedding light on this Joy said, “Both Raghu and Manish will never compromise on quality no matter what.”  But according to him dry sense of humour can be a huge stress buster at such times.
With regard to their work in recent time which could have been better Sengupta said that they could have definitely done better than the work that happened on Coke recently. Manish Bhatt goes onto say that they have a good knowledge of finance and other related areas. “Raghu has good knowledge of trade, stocks and shares and Joy was earlier with Citibank. So I feel that in the financial category we can prove our mettle”, he concluded.
Well, a proverb in Hindi says, ‘teen tigada kaam bigada’, but surely not what is happening at Scarecrow Communications. We wish the trio good luck and look forward to more creatively well executed teamwork from their end.

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