AdMavin launches UPCOUNTRY initiative

OOH media owners cum ad agencies carry branding messages of advertisers on their media but fail to create their own. One noted aspect is operating companies and their media assets working model where the asset quality is treated as a mere commodity rather than a brand. Many OOH media owners cum ad agencies in various stages of their development in tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 markets make the huge mistake of ignoring the importance of branding and overlooking branding efforts because they think of themselves as a business and not a brand. Many tend to obsess on the product / trade. Without branding, one can only compete on price which may help companies achieve short term projections but in the long run they would lose out on bargaining capacity and get squeezed by pulls and pressures of the trade. Many have moved out of the business altogether for the want of elusive profit which in the first place was sacrificed for the want of short term gains.

UPCOUNTRY initiative by AdMavin is intended to address this very aspect of the OOH trade which has never been given due consideration. AdMavin UPCOUNTRY ecosystem not only facilitates branding solutions to the tier 1, 2 and 3 media owners but also brings face to face demand and supply together on one platform in a very transparent manner.

As part of initiative AdMavin would facilitate the following

Hosting media inventory (all types of media Traditional, Ambient, transit, activation etc.) in a structured format in the platform, providing OOH measurement parameters like Traffic, Pop strata, footfalls, geo mapping and location solutions, OTS, demographic details at ward and pin code level, affluence, visibility index etc. which works as currency to market these inventory.  The data mining feature of the platform would dole out wealth of information to those who is looking for data that is authentic and reliable.

Building Pan India directory (Upcountry and innermost heartlands of the Country) of the media owners cum ad agencies. Creating opportunities for them to take their company brands beyond their market boundaries, resulting in newer clients and revenue sources.

Helping build robust credentials and sharing the same with needy ooh agencies and advertisers who look for reliable sources creating direct dialogue.

Inculcate tech orientation among the stakeholders and their teams in agencies / media owner companies help them joining the mainstream resulting in their upliftment.

The engagement would be taken to the next level where customised branding solutions / much needed connects would be given to the people who seek it. Till the time this article going to press, based on our interaction with the OOH media owners cum ad agencies across the spectrum of trade at different level, the approach has been met with positivity. The reason we believe could be because the stakeholders have felt that the process offers them a sense of inclusiveness and opens up a window of opportunities.  Our Mantra is “Visibility creates Opportunities”.

AdMavin UPCOUNTRY embodies the very idea of making the trade a peer to peer business rather than making it just a pay and publish business. In a market that is now stiflingly competitive, the platform helps its patrons to stand out from thousands of similar companies that claim to be as good as you, if not better? The AdMavin UPCOUNTRY initiative creates the realization that that one is no longer competing at a local level but the entire world is your marketplace, literally where they can get directly contacted by the advertisers looking for local solutions.

Vishwanath Kini, Director, Marketing, AdMavin said, "A well thought out brand architecture can scale up the worth of a company, far exceeding its physical value. AdMavin UPCOUNTRY initiative is designed to bring forth the ooh media owners cum ad agencies in tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 cities to the limelight which will not only enhance the perceived value / imagery of the company but also will enable them to reach larger markets and touch points which manages the ad budgets, thus derive better ROI on their investments.  When the renaissance takes place at the grassroot level the effects can be felt across the industry. Together, everyone achieves more is the mantra. By establishing our patrons’ brand and credibility in their respective regions, their (present and potential) customers get a valid reason to consider them before turning elsewhere."

Gowrishankar, Co-founder, AdMavin said, "AdMavin UPCOUNTRY initiative is intended to lend a voice to its patrons. It is the small and medium businesses that need to leverage branding solutions more than their well-established counterparts. The technology platform is used for inclusive development and sustainable growth of its consumers. The UPCOUNTRY mechanism based on the principals of geospatial marketing solutions is designed in such a way that all are welcome yet the competitive spirit and demand and supply market forces will decide the outcome of the trade. The sphere of the inclusiveness is larger now."

If you are interested know how AdMavin UPCOUNTRY initiative may help your OOH advertising business. Reach us on (also reach me on 81056-70433) or


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