AdMAVIN launches updated version of Mavin Media Monitoring (M3) Application

It’s a once in a life time unprecedented stay-at-home situation across the country owing to COVID19. We at AdMAVIN have taken this time to re-design, develop and upgrade our product offerings that would enhance the efficiency of the outdoor advertising industry stake holders in the post COVID19 era. One such product is the Mavin Media Monitoring Application – “M3” in it’s all new updated avatar.

Why monitoring is important

The need for monitoring and surveillance arises because OOH campaigns involve considerable amount of Ad-budget. Monitoring is a form of audit which ensures the media / project is fulfilling its intended objective.

About the M3

The Mavin Media Monitoring – “M3” is a leading real time monitoring and reporting application for OOH media agencies, media asset owners and brands etc. It is a GPS enabled Android App on which one can schedule surveillance tasks and get instant updates on status of OOH media plans and other project based works which are ongoing. M3 is a first of its kind application which helps analyse the performance of OOH media through integration to the AdMAVIN Platform analytics covering demographic details at ward, pin code and socio economic classification levels, traffic / Impression counts, OTS, TG profile, OOH media inventory, Point of Interests, heat maps etc. M3 is compatible with 13,000+ models of smartphones which run on Android.

Advantages of M3

  • Secured login
  • Location Verification with geo tagging
  • Tamper proof time and date stamp mechanism
  • Real time monitoring
  • Reduction of pilferage / deviations / discrepancies
  • Campaign audit
  • Online report generation automation
  • Possible Integration with existing set up of the clients
  • Work flow hierarchy with checks and balances
  • The application supports all types / versions of Android mobile devices
  • Automated alerts
  • Availability of OOH audience measurement parameters like Impression / Traffic, OTS, Cost per contact, Hotspots and Areas of Interest with in the two kilometres of OOH site on which campaign is taking place. 
  • Use third party trust seal as a marketing tool
  • Private & Confidential

Gowri, Co-founder Admavin said, "We are using this time to focus on the future and plan ahead of time, by upskilling talent, reinforcing offerings, refining services, strengthening our back-end and reinventing the future approach. This is a crisis like no other and does not really have a readymade blueprint. M3 application which is in sync with the Admavin platform would create end to end eco system for the stake holders who now can get not only the monitoring report but also can get insights into the demographic details at the pin code and ward level at their fingertips."

Sailesh, VP Product and Marketing said, "These are extraordinary times and we all are in uncharted territory. We envisage new behavioural changes across the world as well as in India once the COVID-19 crisis abates. We are all in a tunnel but we can’t wait for the light at the end of it. The idea is to light up the tunnel so that when we emerge out of it we are stronger and ready to serve our customers. We are leveraging technology to be future ready. M3 is a ground breaking monitoring application which would change the way monitoring is done in the OOH in India going forward."

Vishwanath Kini – VP – Growth and Strategy said, "This is no time to sit back, but rather, walk that extra mile to keep the business running through every means available. We are a tech company looking to provide enhanced experience to the brands and OOH agencies and media owners. Our focus is on creating value. We don’t think OOH is fading away but it would regain its glory days very soon. The outdoor media will bounce back and at a fast pace. With M3 application, we are recrafting the narrative and envisaging new ways of using the monitoring application beyond just campaign monitoring. I will say the only way out is to be patient for some time and keep doing what you are good at. Our attempt is to raise the acceptability of OOH with newer tech solutions which are on par with global standards."


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