Advertising in GEC genre up 2% in 2023 over 2022; HUL is top advertiser: TAM

In Y 2023, there was a 32% increase compared to Y 2019, while the growth was 2% compared to Y 2022, as per a report by TAM Media on ‘Reviewing Y 2023 for advertising in GEC Genre. The second quarter of Year 2023 saw highest ad volumes in GEC Genre during Y 2023.

According to the report, HUL emerged as the top advertiser in Y 2023; while the Top 100 advertisers collectively held an 88% share of overall GEC genre advertising.

Dettol Antiseptic Liquid claimed the top brand position, followed by Lizol-All-In-1, among the 5,200+ brands advertised on GEC genre.

The F&B sector led the GEC genre’s Ad Volumes with a 28% share, followed by Personal Care/ Personal Hygiene at 22%.

In Y 2023, Toilet Soaps claimed the top spot with an 8% share of Ad Volumes, and EcomMedia/ Ent./ Social Media entered the Top 10 list.

Sauce/ Ketchup experienced the highest surge in Ad secondages in Y 2023, followed by Home Insecticides, compared to Y 2022.

The GEC genre boasted 720+ exclusive advertisers, with S D Ceramics being the top exclusive advertiser in the GEC genre.

Prime Time stood out as the most favoured time band on the GEC genre.

Ad Commercials lasting 20-40 seconds were the preferred choice for advertising in Y 2023.


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