Advisory issued to TV channels on broadcasting distressing incidents

An advisory has been issued by the ministry of information and broadcasting (MIB) on January 9, 2023 to every television channel against the reportage of the incidents of accidents, violence, death, which include violence against children, women, and the elderly in ways which are compromising on good taste and decency in an unacceptable and obvious manner. The advisory was issued after numerous examples observed by the ministry.
According to the ministry, videos/images of injured persons, dead bodies of individuals with blood splashed around, people which include children, women, elderly, being beaten fiercely in close shots, uninterrupted screams and cries of a child who is being beaten by a teacher, etc., without exercising journalistic circumspection and precaution. It has been further called to attention the way such incidents have been reported and the impact it has on children.
Television is a platform being watched by families in households which constitute of people belonging from all cohorts, small children, middle aged, old aged, and coming from several socio-economic backgrounds. It has been observed by the ministry that in several cases the videos have been taken from social media, and broadcasted without editorial judgement and moderation.


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