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After Didaar Diwali, Reliance Fresh says 'Dil Bada, toh Diwali Badi'

India’s month-long festive season is also the biggest shopping occasion of the year. Brands across all Industries up their marketing ante during this period in order to stay on top of customers’ minds as they shop for everything. However, a paradigm shift has occurred in the way brands are trying to connect with customers. Brands are now taking the emotional approach. This approach fits in perfectly with Diwali, which is the big daddy of emotions such as togetherness, sharing & generosity.

Reliance Fresh in fact, was way ahead of this curve & had led the way in 2015 with its “Didaar Diwali” campaign. The campaign had at its centrepiece a Social Media film that went viral & generated a lot of positive response for the Brand. The film showed kids empathising with, and caring for their pet dogs during Diwali- a time when the loud bursts of fireworks scares our canine companions. The success of the film also underlined the huge potential of social media like Facebook, Twitter & YouTube where good content markets itself through the natural engagement that it generates with users. The message resonated with consumers and celebrities and led to its organic success where organizations like PETA India endorsed the message as well.

This year again, Reliance Fresh’s campaign thought for Diwali is powerful and emotional.  The word ‘BADI’ can have various connotations – big hearts, big shopping, big celebration, big savings, big moments; and Reliance Fresh hopes to leverage all of these in order to make it a truly Badi Diwali for customers. The thought behind Badi Diwali was executed with a warm story expressed through RelianceFresh’s Film that is now being played across TV & Social Media. The film showcases a scenario where an upper class lady brings joy into the life of her lesser privileged house staff, by inviting her staff’s family to join them for Diwali festivities.

All barriers of class and ‘status’ are transcended, and the joys of the festival are partaken in an atmosphere of all-inclusive happiness. Dil Bada, toh Diwali Badi.

“Societal influencers of life’s good values have always been the family & community elders. Retailers are filling a gap by rising above the simply ‘transactional’ to tell us endearing stories about empathy, generosity, compassion & frugality. I would expect to hear “Dil Bada toh Diwali Badi” from my mausi. Not bad, the same thought coming from Reliance Fresh” says Damodar Mall, Chief Executive Officer,Reliance Retail (Value Format).

Partnering with major Radio Stations, Reliance Fresh is also running a campaign called “Dial-A-Ladoo”.  Listeners are urged to join in the Badi Diwali celebrations through this activity, every time a listener gives a missed call to the Dial-a-Ladoo phone number, Reliance Fresh will give one Ladoo to underprivileged children on Diwali day. “Open Door Diwali” is another radio-based activity conducted by the brand in Mumbai. Reliance Fresh in association with a major Radio Channel will organise a RJ Diwali Party for underprivileged kids, at the Channel’s office. Listeners are also urged to make Diwali Badi for the underprivileged by donating clothes at Reliance Fresh and Smart stores. These will later be donated through an NGO.

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“Diwali occupies an unparalleled place in the hearts of people, and on this auspicious occasion,  by conveying the larger message that the joy of celebrations can only be multiplied through sharing,Reliance Fresh is going beyond the conventional functional route to create a more meaningful experience for Customers.  Let us celebrate this festival of lights by remembering that a diya loses nothing by lighting another diya.” says Lalatendu Panda, Vice President & Head of Marketing, RelianceRetail (Value Format)

"The inspiration for the film actually came from a true incident. India is changing rapidly, and we can see that change in our consumers too. Reliance Fresh took the bold move to capture this new spirit and also walk the talk instead of just releasing a TVC. The success of the overall campaign is a proof that the era of meaningful marketing is here to stay" adds Utopeia, the agency behind the campaign.

Radio, Press, TV, Social Media; truly Reliance Fresh has effectively communicated the largeness of its thought “Badi Diwali” across all communication platforms this year urging their audience to celebrate the festive season with the motto “Dil Bada toh Diwali Badi.”


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