AG Voice | I wanted to break the stereotype, says Scentra's Vij

All our lives, we’ve grown up with this stereotype – that ‘there are only two kinds of shoes for everyone: formal and casual’. I wanted to break this stereotype.

Scentra was born from an overpowering need to break free from the ties of conformity, to empower comfort with no compromises on style. Through years of painstaking research we combined form with function and worked towards making comfy shoes more dressy, and dressy shoes more fun.

In case you haven’t heard of Scentra, allow me to introduce you to THE shoe your closet needs. Scentra is the first scented and colour centric shoe company. Scentra comes with a strawberry scented insole to keep you smelling as good as you look. They come in solid colors, stripes, polka dots, florals and is the only thing that looks equally good with jeans OR tweeds.

Designed in California and manufactured in Spain, they’re the incredibly beautiful love child of the American free spirit and effortless European elegance.

I believe a shoe defines a persona and can make or break a style statement - Incongruent shoes can make a good outfit look ugly but shoes that go along can make an ordinary looking outfit much more appealing. Shoes can no longer be considered as necessities and are rather an important part of one's wardrobe.

As a producer, the challenge is always to gel style and comfort – in that sense, innovations keep happening and innovators lead the consumer choice and thus markets. Keeping all in mind, we launched Scentra. It breaks the barriers of conventional style and appeals to senses like no other footwear has done before. The brand subtly reveals the essence and ethos that the product stands for.

The product is a canvas shoe that marries style with comfort and even goes beyond appeal to aesthetics as the shoe has a scent attached to it. In that sense, Scentra is a disruption in the footwear industry as the shoes comes with an embedded sweet strawberry scent – a trait that can last for 20-30 washes and buyers have a variety of colours to choose from. That is not all. In line with the changing world and our responsibility towards mother-nature, all Scentra shoes are made eco-friendly and are organic and therefore do not harm the environment since they are bio-degradable. Not only comfortable to wear but also easy to carry, these shoes are foldable and can fit into any nook of the luggage without any hassle.

For the end customer, Scentra presents an opportunity to redefine the way one carries oneself and one’s own presentation while being totally comfortable while wearing this product. The shoe is easy and quick to slip on into as well as light to walk on. The brand represents a new world order where ease, comfort and free style go hand in hand. As far as the cost is concerned, it is a pure value for money product.

At the end of the day, what is it that we really want? All of us want to be productive and happy at the same time. For that to happen, we need a positive environment around us. The dyed strawberry scent evokes the “feel good” factor ambience around the user.  Scentra makes just that happen as the shoes are stylish cum easy slip-ons with a mild scent that relaxes and sets the mind free. While we all get dressed for leisure times and make conscious choices for the kind of outfit that would go with the occasion, Scentra liberates one to make quicker easier decisions with respect to matching footwear. And there is no right time to wear these shoes. In that sense, Scentra displaces other choices of footwear, be it casuals that might look good but are not that comfortable or slippers that are comfortable but might not be that great to carry outdoors. Scentra is a one stop solution as a replacement for casuals / semi formals while providing ease to wear or carry, comfort and a feel good fragrance to go with.

The Author of this article is Mr. Karan Vij, Founder & CEO, Scentra


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