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Media is all encompassing with mobile, social and cloud technologies, it’s everywhere. But with new fangled Media and Entertainment platforms it is hard for the consumers to settle on what they should splurge their time and resources. Now with the commencement of New Year it’s time to look forward to the next steps of accomplishment of company goals in this effusive industry. With increasing options the consumer has more alternatives when it comes to media consumption.

The intelligent consumer today, expects media companies to deliver whenever they want. Their demands should supersede the timelines and terms, providing them content anytime and anywhere also anyway they want. The Millennial generation is empowered, has access to information at all times across mediums and wants to browse through multiple forms of content across manifold platforms concurrently. The media companies are laboring to keep the former customers and to attract novel. The requirement of personal relationship with the customer has never been more vital for media companies to succeed due to the cut throat competition.

The necessitation of feedback has increased but unfortunately the Media and Entertainment Industry can’t get the response they want due to the lacking, measurement system which cannot really point out what the customer wants or what is noticed. The measurement data does not tell the Media companies whether their content is being recognized or what type of subject matter is being noticed.

The old school MR and it’s never ending long reports have lost their touch as they are not compatible with today’s constantly on and perpetually connected customers.

MRSS India provides customers with new research technologies which offer them insight for Media and Entertainment Industry.
Eye Tracking

In a world of multiple distractions, eye tracking tells you what people see and – more important – what they miss! What is the attention span and how is it distributed.

Attention is the key to an effective marketing campaign which turns people into consumers. Eyetracking allows us to stop guessing and use the unique features to get proof into people’s attention and behaviour. MRSS India offers remote and wearable and static eyetracking solutions.
Best suited to:
·         Understanding what products grab people’s attention
·         Identifying which communication works best and why
·         Assessing in store communications
·         Exploring brand and packaging stand out and performance
·         Optimizing store layout, category, aisle and fixtures

Access panel

MRSS India has nationally representative pre mounted access panels with a cutting edge tool as a back end. A robust platform that promises quick turnaround and high quality data with innovative ways of keeping the members engaged.

A single platform with capabilities of simple to complex surveys, ongoing conversations along with heat maps and highlighters for all sorts of research and marketing challenges.

Mobile Analytics
Helps our clients take data driven decisions by passively monitoring smartphone behavior on all ios and android devices. What apps are used? How long are they used? Where are they used? This tool helps one make data-driven decisions, about mobile strategy, tactics and products. This is Robust way to assess the frequency and usage of various applications on a respondent’s phone without reading personal and confidential information.

Suitable for all:

·        Mobile application behaviour

·        advertising

·        services

·        new launches

The author of this article is Mr. Raj Sharma, Co-Founder and President of Majestic MRSS.


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