Aggregation of measurement systems of TV and digital is much needed: Vaishali Sharma

The year 2023 has started on a rollercoaster note, with an accelerated adoption of generative AI, AI chatbots, and digital innovations. This is bringing in new operational efficiencies, stronger strategies, a far greater emphasis on building deep bonds with various stakeholders and consumers. In keeping with the current market ecosystem, technology and a human approach are seen as going hand in hand.

As part of our annual TRENDING NOW series, Adgully has been approaching key industry leaders to Crystal Gaze into 2023 to highlight the major trends and developments that they see dominating the industry in the year ahead.

In conversation with Adgully, Vaishali Sharma, Head of Marketing & Communications, Sony SAB & Hindi Movie Cluster, speaks about the growing significance of Artificial Intelligence for marketers, aggregation of measurement systems of TV and digital, and more.

Key trends dominating the marketing ecosystem in 2023

The role of Artificial intelligence, especially in terms of analytics, will increase and it will be interesting to see how this will affect areas of consumer insight and content creation. Marketers will need a fresh round of learning and education in the realm of what digital can offer us in AI and ChatGTP.

There is also a need for the realignment of consumer insights. I believe that India is changing and not changing both at the same time, in a very different way. When I say changing, there is a change in the value system and aspirations that people are going through, led by progress and technology. And where it’s not changing, is going back in time to reaffirm an identity and a way of living that existed decades ago. So, realignment of consumer insights is going to happen. There are going to be these two worlds which will probably conflict with each other, and we will have to figure which will lead the way.

Brands that will stand apart will be the ones who find a higher brand purpose in today’s socially conscious world. It will also help them get ready for a more discerning audience for whom a brands value system will become crucial.

Major expectations from 2023

Aggregation of measurement systems both of linear TV rating system and digital is much needed going forward. We now need to look at a more uniform system for measuring content across television channels, many of whom are being viewed in a digital space today. For example, catch up TV on their own OTT platform or through live streaming of a few channels in the digital medium.

Another expectation is to look at new trends in content creation coming from GEC channels. A fresh breath of new story telling needs to be explored. The category needs to reinvent, and we need to lead viewers to explore new choices of content which will interest them, rather than being led by currently what works. Which really means deeper consumer understanding and finding new insights and trends in the lives of consumers so that our storytelling can be more reflective of life today and where it is heading.

Key focus areas for Sony SAB in 2023

We will be consolidating the positioning of Sony SAB, being the only true-blue family brand with something for everybody in the family. We want to focus on being the home of good- and meaningful content. Expanding our diverse consumer segments as well as our digital footprint will also be an important area.


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