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As the growth of the digital world evolves with each passing day, every individual involved in the business has been aiming to be the frontrunner in the game. Innovations, creativity, unique strategies etc have been the rules that professionals in the digital industry seemed to have as words of the lord. Many business ventures in this space have been the outcomes of sheer inquisitiveness and passion for the growingly digital world. Networkplay is one such example.

Viren Anand gave up his corporate career and decided to translate his experience and ideas into a business co-founded Networkplay Pvt. Ltd. in 2008. He has made the company one of the most renowned names in the industry, with its progress graph being on a constant up rise trend. He has successfully widened the company’s business horizons from web to mobile and DTH. Apart from building an affiliate network, he has also been closely working with industry giants to create social, search and retargeting expertise for Anand is now touted as a young keyed up media architect, business builder and digital media revivalist who has revolutionised the concept of digital advertising in India. A visionary and digital media connoisseur has achieved many laurels in the field of digital marketing, Anand encourages and inspires novel concepts thereby ensuring massive creativity inflow.

Adgully caught up with Viren Anand, Co-Founder, Networkplay Pvt. Ltd who spoke about the growth of online video advertising in India; increase focus of organization on mobile and online video advertising and much more.

Adgully (AG): Brief us about Networkplay's vision and company's operations since its inception in India?
Viren Anand (VA):
Networkplay was incubated in late 2008 by ex-Yahoo employees with a vision to build a platform which can give an advertiser a choice to know where their ad dollars are being spent.

AG: How has Networkplay contributed towards growing and evolving digital advertising space?
Since inception, the company has been a pioneer in turning around the dynamics of the business in the marketplace with the launches of India’s first OTA(Online Transactional Ad-network), India’s first DTH Ad-Network to offer DTH Boot-up screen advertising and bringing one of world’s largest digital marketing conferences – ad:tech to India.
Being a brand Ad-Network, we were very clear with our strategy to sell audience and not inventory from the very beginning. Convergence, Continuum, Change - it is with this thought that brand approaches the future.

AG: How are you placed in the country and also what is the team size of Networkplay?
We are one of the leading technology driven ad networks in the country. Our team consists of more than fifty of the finest digital marketing professionals based across Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. The team has been a pioneer in constantly developing first of its kind solutions for our clients.

AG: Have you been able to achieve the objectives and goals you set out with back in 2008? Share with us milestones achieved by the company so far?
We have come a long way since the inception of the company in 2008 and achieved a lot. We have expanded our presence and solutions from web presence to mobile and DTH. Pertaining to the potential of a burgeoning Travel Ticketing & Transactional Audience, we have started the first Transactional Ad-Network. Besides that, we have also realized the convergence story offered by the onset of the DTH Revolution in the country.
Our initiatives in introducing innovative solutions like Videoplay – the next generation ecosystem for videos and important associations with key partner like Tradedoubler signifies the company’s constant commitment towards maximizing reach and targeting relevant audiences for publishers and advertisers alike.

AG: Last year you announced the launch of BHASHA, a network of more than 40 regional websites, offering content in 40 Indian regional languages. How has the user response been for the same?
The response has been very positive and clients/brands who want to reach out to the rural audience are the key targets.

AG: Shed some light on the clientele that Network Play holds currently. Also share with us some key projects you've worked on till date?
We have multiple offerings in the digital space and thus have clients from multiple categories from top e- commerce clients for performance based campaigns, FMCG for brand, DTH and video offerings to mobile games and apps for mobile offerings.
Clients have their own set of requirements and we strive at offering the best mix to meet their campaign objective. Networkplay has begun working with major automobile players in offering a digitalized verified lead management system to help them generate qualified prospects for automobile purchases. We have also worked with top Indian brands to offer innovative solutions on our publisher network.

AG: As a part of the fastest growing mediums, share with us some key trends you have observed in the digital space over the years and adopted as well?
India with 10% rural and 36% urban internet penetration is digitalizing information at a rapid pace; out of which a notable 14% comes from mobile.  And in addition to that a new generation of “Mobile only internet user” is expected to grow to 41% of overall internet consumption by 2015.
Video and Infographic are leading the go-viral tactic. Videos offer a unique reach with language agnostic, relevant content hugely popular across genres and population. We have invested in a state-of-the art video ecosystem with the launch of Videoplay, taking video advertising to a completely new level.

AG: What are the challenges an entrepreneur faces, especially being in a competitive domain that you are in?
Change. Market dynamics change rapidly and you have to adapt with it at a faster pace. You should be ready to change with the market requirement and environment.

AG: How has advertiser response been for Networkplay? Which category of advertisers does the firm attract?
We have multiple offerings in digital space and thus have clients from varied categories.  So the brand caters to a wide variety from top e-commerce clients for performance based campaigns; to FMCG for brand, DTH and video offerings, and mobile games and apps for mobile offerings.

AG: Share with us some of the current projects you are working on?
We consider technology to be the main drivers in this industry. We are currently working on our video and native offerings for Indian market.

AG: As we near the end of 2014, what is on the planning charts for the coming months?
Considering the factor how the digital and video advertising industry is rapidly evolving in India, we are planning to focus more on video and native offerings for our present and potential clientele.
We have been monitoring this exciting growth and our team is keeping one eye on the present and the other on the future, by constantly developing first of its kind solutions for our clients.


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