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AgVoice | Building brand credibility through loyalty: Grohe's Ramesh Kaushik

We live in an era of information overload thanks to the various mediums of communication that technology and the digital age have introduced. If you wish to increase visibility for your brand and stand out in the market, you have to devise ways to capture significant customer attention through various intelligent tools. A large part of this has to do with establishing brand reliability. The way to drive credibility for your brand takes time and effort but eventually goes a long way in creating a brand recall in the mind of consumers.

However, if you think brand credibility is just about addressing customer queries about a certain product or service you offer, it’s time to rethink. Establishing credibility through quality customer service essentially involves a process of enhancing the way consumers perceive your brand. This can effectually be a game changer for your business and take it several rungs higher on the ladder of success. Whether service, retail or product based, how you steer the definition of your brand can strengthen its position and market standing for your customer in the long run.

The first step in moulding your brand’s credibility is to capitalise on your key strengths. The core values need to be based on a deeply ingrained consciousness of social, economic and environmental well-being of the world around you. This helps achieve an impression of being responsible for your actions through your business.

Another crucial aspect of establishing brand credibility is through uniquely positioning your brand amidst competitors. Building an image that makes customers feel comfortable and rely on your brand for their needs goes a long way in differentiating from other players.

Quality, Technology, Design and Sustainability for example, aid in defining and differentiating your product. Particular focus on each of these aspects through constant research and development makes a consumer wants to invest in your brand, and can make him a loyal patron. It makes him a voluntary ambassador to uphold your brand’s virtues without using tools like advertising or door to door marketing. The advent of social media and the interactivity it spurs has helped channelise the brand’s salient features and messaging in a direct, effective and engaging manner. Now your customers can connect with you through a common interface wherever they may be.  However, while social media platforms may open doors for promotion and engagement with consumers, unless there is solidity in your brand’s personality, it will have only a superficial impact on the smart consumer of today.

Building on a personal connect with the consumer is vital to promoting your brand’s credibility. Your product must speak a thousand words when it comes to making the consumer feel pampered, exclusive and important. Understand the demographics of the customer base you wish to cater to, what strata of society does the individual belong to, what are his likes and dislikes, what are his notions of luxury vs. basic necessities, where does he go to seek both, why should he be using your product or service and finally how does your brand enhance his life on a daily basis. Once a consumer is convinced that you are able to satisfy his needs both aesthetically and functionally, he is bound to savour the exceptional experience of your brand’s offerings. An uncompromising faith in the brand seals your reputation and makes customer retention an achievable reality.

Building loyalty by introducing rewards program is also a great way to encourage customers about how valuable they are to the business growth of your organisation. Both quality customer service and loyalty are indirect but impactful marketing tools that can be reviewed over regular intervals to assess the credibility of your brand. Every brand experiences a lull and may need a shot of reinvention and revitalisation to sustain its standing over time. These tools can ensure steady growth and success for your brand with a clear focus on values entrenched in the minds of consumers and which the brand stands by.

In a nutshell, the core philosophy of the brand gives an intrinsic edge to your brand identity. It manifests itself through the product or offering you bring and reflects in the quality customer service you provide. It is a healthy trend to invest energies in brand building activities that directly help customers remain loyal to the vision and strategy of your brand. Fulfilling customer expectations is your brand’s responsibility and the secret to maintaining a life-long commitment to their needs through your business.

About The Author:
Ramesh Kaushik, Marketing Head, Grohe India started his career with United Advertising as client servicing and account executive in 1999. He worked there for more than 2 years. After that he joined Active Media Technology in 2001 and worked as Assistant Manager - sales and marketing for 2 and half years. He joined Vodafone Essar Punjab region in 2004 as Assistant Manager - product marketing, where he worked for one and half years before he get shifted to Delhi region in 2005 as marketing manager - product. He joined Pantaloons Retail India Limited as Head- Marketing in 2006 and worked for more than 5 years with the group. In 2011 he joined Indorama Corps. Singapore (India operations) as DGM marketing (brand & Communication) and worked for 1 year with them. In 2012 he joined Grohe India as Head - Marketing and continuing working on the same role from last one and hafl years.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and do not reflect in any way of Adgully


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