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Advertising spends are worst hit by recession andrepercussions of it is seen in the sales figures. Advertisers across the globereviewed their marketing budget and came up with this new equation whereindigital media enjoys the highest growth ever. Digital, by virtue of it being acost effective medium brings some solace to marketers.
Digital medium has the reach of 120 Million internet usersin India, a huge number by most countries’ standards. This user base is fairlytech savvy, literate and largely caters to young audience and professionalsfrom top cities in India; a lucrative segment for advertisers to watch. 
Besides this, medium is driven by hundreds of diversepublishers (websites) across each channel like news, finance, entertainment...Each publisher drives a significant traffic of users with similar interestforming an interest group. This diversity is an exciting proposition toadvertisers as advertisers can find their potential customers by focusing onsuch interest groups and target them selectively. Moreover, digital media hasso much to offer in terms of creating awareness, impactful brand recall, userengagement, driving enquiries, immediate call to action and measuring campaignperformance. Advertiser gets a window to experience the audience response andquickly absorb the learning in his marketing strategy.
Despite, a large number of diverse publishers offeringabundant targeting options and ample placement choices; advertisers could notbenefit. It posed as a challenge to target a sizeable number of users that arescattered over a huge medium across thousands of media vehicles and also keeptrack of the campaign performance. Year 2006 saw the emergence of Ad Networksin India. Ad Networks aggregated publishers and summed up their inventory foradvertisers to easily run and manage their ads. Digital advertising then lookedpromising in this new form of ad Network business. But this new form took awaythe control from the advertiser and the learning is absolute zero. The onlycredible details shared with advertiser are total number of views and clickswhich has no meaningful information. Ad Network business grew faster than anyform in this industry which attracted large number of entrants. Competitiveturmoil compromised advertisers’ interest and advertiser had no control tocurtail it.
Media veterans believe that digital medium has a promisingfuture but it has to be coupled with advanced technology to bring out its truepotential. A few technology players discovered the need-gap prevailing in thisindustry. | By Hemant Kumar, CEO, Marmalade Digital
About the writer:
Hemant Kumar , Founder & CEO of Marmalade Digitalstarted off in Dec 2011 to  lead thelaunch of their newly focused DSP Platform in India & UAE.. Hemant is aseasoned media executive with over  yearsof experience building successful digital businesses. Most recently, he played a leading role of Co-Founder ofiAvatarZ Digital, an advertising adnetwork company, where he guided the companythrough consecutive years of growth and global expansion of their coreofferings. Mr Kumar has experience in managing different aspects of business,be it marketing, strategy, product ,sales and business development.
Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and do not reflect in any way of Adgully.

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