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For a web enthusiast anything new is exciting, for even the smallest of reasons. Technology, since the year 1998 has grown to be tremendously impactful. It has given enough enthusiasm and positive advancements to be proud of. Today everything is available at the touch of a button, sounds cliché, but it really is. Talk about shopping, food, people or just information.

Technology has given the youth the advantage or I'd rather say the options. If they do not have free SMS's they have access to some innovative phone apps like JaxtrSMS, which I think is innovative and well crafted for the youth. If not gaming on the field they'll know all the rules through their smart phone gaming apps. If not reading the news paper daily they have news feed subscribed to! Who thought browsing and maintaining your social and professional networks through a single web app will be easy. Holding a professional networking site myself it is nice to see how businesses and corporations are utilizing these apps and managing their business presence in the social media. There are various other gaming applications, there are applications on astrology, for birthdays, weddings and also finance. It is astounding to know that there are applications where people can handle their own finances and do their own investment research. With the fear of sounding dramatic these apps could someday rob the financial advisors off their jobs. People will start making financial decisions based on these apps.

Amusingly these apps now days seem to be more influential than the power of networking in trafficking people on to the social networking sites. It is these applications that keep the users engaged to the site and gives a unique appeal over and above the existing one. Social networking apps have grown their user base by 240% during the period April 2009-April 2010.

Looking at the growing popularity of these apps we are proud to initiate the ApnaCircle API platform ( which will enhance the overall ecosystem of Applications in India. Looking at the stats we are positive that it will create career opportunities for App developers by bringing in technological advancements on the website for users. "' is the API platform for ApnaCircle, the platform provides the developer community in India with a unique platform to innovate, ideate, showcase and participate in developing path-breaking and marketable applications. Through this initiative, we are also acknowledging the innovation capability of the developers, who are basically shaping up the future of the social networking platforms by creating highly innovative and interactive web applications. is also keen on exploring business opportunities with these developers.

The apps market is growing bigger every day. The enterprise end of the market may not be going big now, but the growing popularity of the apps and production and consumption of more tablets and smart phones will only lead to paid apps per device increase. Looking at the current scenario, in the next two years the apps market is expected to contribute tremendously to the economy of the country. | By Yogesh Bansal, Founder and CEO of

About the writer:

Yogesh Bansal, Founder and CEO of is a serial entrepreneur who founded couple of startups before getting onto the Business and Career Networking Site. Bansal completed his MBA from University of North Carolina in 1997 and served with Mckesson Inc. USA. He shifted to India in the year 2006 and started working on

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