All app advertisers can place ads in tweet replies

Twitter is finally making its tweet responses ad placement option available for all app install campaigns on iOS and Android, following months of testing. The option, as shown in this example, shows app install advertising after the first comment beneath a Tweet, offering app developers a chance to target people who are engaged in relevant dialogue. As previously stated, Twitter began testing the feature in October, and marketers have reported increased impressions, lower cost per install, and more attributable downloads in their initial tests. Last September, Reddit launched a similar placement called Conversation Placements, which aimed to catch active Redditors in post reply threads.That makes sense, especially if you can target your advertisements based on keyword mentions or anything similar, ensuring that your promos show up in contextually relevant, and preferably, extremely active discussions. The actual key is targeting, and while it will take some time for Twitter to master this aspect, there is potential to reach the most engaged users.

But there's another, more intriguing aspect: Twitter may someday attempt to use this ad placement to give direct payment opportunities for tweet producers.As part of the initial test, Twitter's GM of Cash Product Bruce Flack effectively confirmed that creators will be able to opt in to this ad placement and receive a piece of any revenue produced.That meshes with Twitter's broader creator monetization push, giving it more incentive to retain its most popular users tweeting more frequently, but retrospective activation of such, on a selected basis, may be fascinating as well.When a tweet gets viral, for example, you'll frequently see the tweet originator include an additional reply emphasising their SoundCloud or a charitable cause to which they can then draw greater attention as a consequence of that tweet.

Elon Musk's revenue ideas for the app could include monetization of popular tweets. Musk has already stated that he wants to look into monetizing embedded tweets as part of a larger effort to entice more notable people to tweet more frequently.

When a tweet becomes viral, for example, it is often seen the tweet originator reply with a link to their SoundCloud or a charitable cause to which they may then bring more attention as a result of the tweet.

It's possible that  one of Elon Musk's app revenue ideas is monetization of popular tweets. Musk has already mentioned that selling embedded tweets is something he wants to look into as part of a bigger attempt to get more famous individuals to tweet more frequently


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