Amid Diwali glow, brands take to Twitter for engagement & gamified experiences

Twitter is the conversational layer of the Internet and it is where people come together to celebrate festivals, international cultural moments and special events. In India, during festivals such as Diwali, Twitter lights up brighter than ever. In fact, during the week of the festival in 2020, there were over 2.2 million mentions of Diwali on Twitter in the country. Every year conversations on Twitter soar higher during the festive season, presenting an open invitation for brands to engage and connect with leaned-in consumers.

Twitter’s recent study of conversations in India revealed what consumers are looking for this Diwali, and how brands can join the celebrations.

How are consumers feeling about Diwali 2021?

During Diwali week in 2020, 85% of Indians on Twitter celebrated Diwali and spoke about it on the service.

  • 82% mentions of the festival last year resonated with joy.
  • 97% of these conversations echoed a positive or neutral sentiment.

Clearly, Indians are more cheerful when they’re ringing in the festivities with the ones they love.

  • While last year, not everyone could be with their friends and families, this year, 61% of people on Twitter feel comfortable gathering with their folks in celebration.
  • 36% are also looking forward to heart-warming content on people being together.
  • Some will still be exchanging wishes over their screens, and 18% want brands to help them celebrate virtually.

Brands can tap into this happy conversation and keep audiences tuned-in with engaging activities, gamified experiences and fun banter on Twitter.

What are consumers talking about this festive season? What will consumers be doing this festive season?

Festivities are when people put their feet up and spend time doing what makes them happy. Twitter’s entertainment hungry audience will be doing just that this season.

  • 48% of the people on Twitter in India will be spending more of the festive week watching TV or streaming their favourite rom-coms or thrillers on OTT services this year.
  • Not just that, 61% of these audiences plan to talk about their favourite series or movies on social media.
  • While 26% of people are looking forward to entertainment and sports content, 30% want to be amused by comedy content this season.

In addition to entertainment and fun, another elemental festive behaviour among Indians is shopping - lots of it. Over the past year, more and more people have shifted to making purchases online, and they’ve been talking about it on Twitter.

  • In fact, between September 1, 2020 and September 30, 2021, there had been 13.51 million conversations around online shopping on Twitter in India, recording a 97% year-on-year growth.
  • During this year’s festive season, 52% of people on Twitter will be taking the virtual route and using more shopping apps to buy a range of products, including tech/ gadgets (35%), apparels, shoes and bags (33%), furniture and household appliances (28%), gold, jewellery and watches (24%), etc.
  • 44% will also be spending on food and beverages, and 33% of them will be using food delivery apps to add flavours to their festivities.
  • When talking about making online purchases, 54% of shoppers on Twitter in India spend time looking for the best deals and 52% use discounts codes or coupons.
  • This Diwali too, 40% of Twitter’s audience is looking for exciting deals and promotional offers from brands.

Consumers want brands to be socially responsible

People in India are becoming increasingly conscious about their impact on the environment. Especially during the festive season, they come forth to urge others to minimise the environmental impact of their celebrations. Similarly, consumers are looking up to brands to take the lead and be responsible this Diwali. While 64% are concerned about air pollution, 53% want brands to address how noise overload impacts animals, nature and fellow humans. 45% are thinking about excess waste pollution and want brands to produce sustainably.

The festive season in India is when consumers are the most active and seek engagement with brands across the spectrum. Twitter is where these conversations are shaping up, and there’s no better time or place for a brand to become a part of what’s happening, when it's happening.


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