Amid Racism debate, Washington Redskins ponder name change

Washington Redskins, rugby team from America, on Friday announced that they would conduct a review of their team name.

The team began playing in Boston and changed their name to Redskins the following year. They relocated to Washington in 1937 and have been based there ever since.

In the wake of the protests after the killing of George Floyd, major sponsors of the team FedEx, Nike, and PepsiCo publicly announced support for a change.

Many sports teams announced to change their names or logos that have racist origin. The Chicago Blackhawks and the Celeveland Indians, to name a few, have come under renewed fire for names, logos, mascots and chants that indigenous groups find offensive. 

Apart from sports teams, brands too annnounced their support for name change. Aunt Jemima, Fair and Lovely, Uncle-ben-rice, darlie and Eskimo Pie are a few brands that showed support in the moment and announced their name change.

The name of logo of Washington Redskins has come under criticism for using derogatory slang that describes people from Native American descent by non native players. Also, the fact that the team is located in the nation's capital has brought more public attention to the issue.

A petition to change the name of the team has received more than 1600 signatures of support.

The management of the Washington Redskins ponder whether to change their name amid pressure from sponsors, fans and media. They have reached out to their fans on Twitter and Instagram for ideas for the new name of the franchise, if they retire the old one.

Here are a few names suggested by the fans 











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