And now, advertising that isn’t just skin deep!

Water Communications, a Brand Communications agency, recently unveiled a new campaign for Dr Batra’s based on the concept of ‘live life to the fullest’. Additionally, the campaign also sought to dispel the perception that the brand was just a hair and skin specialist.

Calibrating the message to the choice of media, the print campaign explored a more serious and sophisticated delivery and message, focussing more on exploding the myth that Dr. Batra’s was just about hair and skin. The central headline message boldly dominated the layout and got straight to the core message, albeit in a sophisticated manner. It was smartly complemented by the equally dominant visual of a doctor, thereby lending it plenty of subliminal credibility.

The headline-visual combination having set the context, the copy then goes on to explain that Dr. Batra’s has treated lakhs of patients for over 120 medical conditions, far beyond the pale of hair and skin. Lifestyle diseases, women’s health issues, children’s diseases… it gradually skews towards the other core message: Dr. Batra’s enables you to live life to the fullest.

The TVC campaign then takes it forward from there, focussing entirely on the ‘Live life to the fullest’ platform. The 4-part campaign uses a different protagonist each time, thereby representing not just different categories of people, but subtly conveying that almost every medical issue is addressed by Dr. Batra’s.

Deft touches like the little girl with ice cream (explaining how she used to get teased about her colds, but now she can eat all the ice cream she wants), or the middle-aged woman with her confidence and beauty queen ‘tiara’ (who is happy that several issues were sorted out for her), or the professional looking executive in a suit (talking about stress)… leave the viewer being able to empathise and associate with the TVC.

Between them, the print ads and TVCs successfully drive home the point about common health problems that tend to have a great impact on one’s day to day living, and how Dr. Batra’s can free one of these various conditions. Thus highlighting the broad portfolio of Dr Batra’s multi-speciality homoeopathy treatment.

They successful take the rhetoric beyond skin problems and hair loss to the entire spectrum of problems like cold, obesity and stress among others. Reinforcing that the victims could be people of any age group – a child, a young adult, a working professional or an ageing parent. The TVCs leave the viewer with hope and feelgood, that the issues that affect their daily life and confidence now have a proven solution.

Speaking on the new campaign, Ms Vandana Sethhi, Director – Water Communications, said, “Today, most often, it isn’t the complex problems but basic health issues faced by an individual in everyday life that deprive them the opportunity of living life to the fullest. Skin problems, hair loss, cold and cough, obesity and stress... Dr Batra’s speciality clinics offer solutions to these and many more health problems that are not only safe but also natural. It was this concept that had to be highlighted through the print campaign and the TVCs through situations that one could easily relate to.”


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