Android & iOS have 91:9 ratio in India: Appier

iPhone’s now on-air television commercial has been much talked about. Largely, for a distinct change in the brand’s communication strategy. It has gone for market penetration with ‘an easy EMI offer’ upfront.

India, second largest mobile market in the world, is all set to surpass USA in smartphone usage too to occupy the number two slot there. Hence, it is important for iPhone to make substantial strides in Indian market. However, if a recent study by Appier, a Taiwan based audience analysis and management company is to be believed, it has a very miniscule share of the Indian market, unlike other Asia markets.

Appier, to its credit has been recognised in Asia for its mobile audience and AI predictive analytics for push ads, audience profiling and remarketing.

It has come out with Cross-screen user behaviour Insights study 1 H 2015. The study encompasses ten Asia-Pacific countries in Asia, namely, Australia (AU), Hong Kong (HK), Indonesia (ID), India (IN), Japan (JP), Malaysia (MY), Philippines (PH), Singapore (SG), Taiwan (TW) and Vietnam (VN). The study indicates that 58% of people across these markets use two devices. As far as multi device ownership goes in India, 60.8% use two devices, 19.8% use three devices and 19.4% use four devices.

Some of the key findings as far as India is concerned are as follows:
1. Like most Asian countries, there is a spike in smart phone usage on Wednesdays. However, unlike other countries, on Fridays too there is a spike in smartphone usage in India.

2. Tablet usage too sees a spike on Fridays. However, for most other countries the increase in usage comes over the weekend.

3. All Asian countries see a low PC consumption over the weekends, India is no exception here.

4. In all Asian countries, multi device users prefer smart phone to tablet and PC, both on weekdays and over weekends.

5. Ad requests on unique smart phones increase on Fridays in India. There is a definite dip in the same over the weekends. Trend on tablets too is on the same lines.

6. While ad request on unique PCs varies from day to day – it too sees a peak on Fridays

7. The most interesting finding with a definite impact on the kind of ads people would view and the impact they would have is the screen size
In India:
40% use less than 3.8” screen size
37% use 3.8” to 4.8” screen size
21% use 5” to 5.5” screen size
2% use 5.6” to 6.5” screen size

8. While Asia wide mid-size tablets are the ones being used maximum. In India still there is a slight skew towards small size tablets.
55% use 7” to 8.9” screen size
40% use 9.7” screen size
5% use 10.1” screen size

9. While Android and iOS go head to head to head when it comes to cumulative numbers in Asia, India has a surprise in store. 91% use android devices, while only 9% use iOS.

10. And in the end the biggest surprise. If you thought Click through rate (CTR) was directly in proportion to conversion rate (CVR), it is not so true. In case of India though mobile leads by a wide margin when it comes to CTR and also CVR. However, in terms of tablet and PC the tables turn – while CTR is higher on tablets, CVR is higher on PCs.

As for the methodology, Appier states that all analysis in this research report is based on a sample of 490 billion data points in Asian markets from the Appier database for the first half of 2015.  It also claims that the presented results are subject to a 95% confidence level, with a margin of error +/-4.5%.  All data, as per the research agency is is based on actual user behaviour, no questionnaires were used. 


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